12 Ways to Motivate this Christmas!

As there are exactly 12 days to go till Christmas it is not too late to keep your staff motivated in the run up to the big day! So all together now, on the 12th day of Christmas my employer gave to me……

12 Reloadable Gift Cards

A recent survey from across the pond revealed that 80% of people will buy a gift card this season and employee’s value small tokens of appreciation – 64% of respondents said a £50 or less gift card would meet their expectations.  Both companies and employees have survived yet another year of financial turmoil and 31% of staff stated that they would use their gift cards for their day to day expenses, making them more than a festive gift, they can also be a helping hand!

11 Christmas Baubles!

On average the UK employee spends 8-10 hours a day in an office setting, which is why it is important to ‘Deck the Halls’ this Christmas. Encouraging staff to decorate the office with festive trinkets not only boosts staff morale for the lead up to the big day but it creates a positive, friendly and fun atmosphere for staff to work in. Introduce small prizes for the most festive desks and keep your staff’s Christmas spirit at a high this December.

10 Gift Vouchers

The UK gift card and voucher solution market is worth approximately £4billion with sales to employers making up 45% of the overall, and motivation vouchers accounting for two-thirds of that figure. The value of tangible rewards is still standing strong as The Voucher Shops 2011 survey revealed that 45% of employers still prefer paper vouchers over plastic.

9 Christmas Cards

9 out of 10 organisations believe that it is important to recognise and reward the contribution staff make to businesses at the end of the year. This doesn’t always have to be a giant Christmas hamper or a decadent bottle of champagne, a simple Christmas card can make your staff feel valued and appreciated. Over half of UK companies are set to send their staff Christmas cards this year and 20% are going to send a combination of physical and digital cards.

8 hours of flexible working!

The OECD 2011 study revealed that the UK average working day is 7.8hours, making our global position no 6 behind Mexico and the US however, in front of France and Germany. With monetary cuts taking place left right and centre the hours spent at work are extremely valuable. Over 75% of employers believe remote workers are more productive and with flexible working laws set to change by 2013 make your new year’s resolution ‘to be more flexible!’

7 days of praising!

Keeping your staff engaged, inspired and happy can mean a 12% increase in productivity. Businesses should use their 7 days a week to ensure that both employee and employer are happy with their working role. A great way to keep staff motivation levels at a high over the weekend is to praise employees on Friday. Ensuring that they return on a Monday morning feeling encouraged, refreshed and ready to work!

6-ty years on the throne

Following on from the feel good factor from this year’s Royal Wedding, the Queens Diamond Jubilee has provided the UK population yet another bank holiday to mark the occasion on Tuesday 5th June. The jubilee weekend as it is now known is urging employers to allow staff more flexibility at that period, build upon the patriotism and encourage staff engagement by incorporating Royal themed events, office parties and competitions.

5 Olympic Rings!

With less than 228 days to go and a predicted 4 billion viewers the London 2012 Olympics is a great opportunity to get staff engaged and motivated. Despite the Olympic hype businesses are yet to establish official Olympic leave policies and with 15% of employees prepared to take annual leave during the event companies should start to integrate the games into their 2012 business plans.

4 Prepaid cards

Prepaid cards are increasingly becoming a popular alternative to vouchers and gift cards. The UKGVCA recorded that prepaid cards have experienced it’s highest ever year on year increase in sales, companies are now recognising that prepaid products are definitely on the cards for 2012!

3 Engaged employees

A 2011 survey revealed that only 3 in 10 workers are engaged in their current job role. This illustrates the need for employers to invest in effective motivation, reward and recognition schemes.

2 Mega events

The prime minister announced that the UK will be making the most of its year of celebrations and opportunities to get the UK back on track. The recent announcement of the Global Investors Conference, which is to be held on the eve of the Games, is set to generate over £1billion worth of business. The expected increase of 4million visitors over the next four years means that businesses need to stay positive, motivated and ready for the UK’s lasting legacy.

And an end of year staff Christmas Party!

Sage UK’s 2011 survey revealed that over half of UK businesses are not having a Christmas party this year despite their widespread benefits of maintaining employee loyalty. The opportunity to boost staff motivation in order to return in the New Year energised and engaged is invaluable. Cancelling your Christmas party can instantly blow staff morale, something which can take months to build back up. Ensure your companies partridge is still sitting in its tree come January 2012 and make time to celebrate the end of year success!

Sophia Tirelli

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