25 employee motivation ideas you might not have thought of

Employee motivation ideasIf businesses want to improve their performance, productivity and efficiency then concentrating efforts on employee motivation is essential. Money is not always the main motivator, often it’s to do with the job role and the team that people work within, particularly their manager, that motivates workers to perform better.

Whether you’re a manager or working in HR, if you’re looking for ideas to improve employee motivation then we’ve got 25 ideas that have been implemented in other organisations to help get you started…


1. ALL employees want to be fully appreciated for the work they’ve done so if they’re on LinkedIn write them an un-prompted testimonial on their profile to say thank you.

2. Thank employees for great work with an early finish on a Friday afternoon or a late start on a Monday morning.

3. Reward employees by giving them the best/nearest/CEO’s car parking spot for a week.

4. Offer all employees free healthy alternatives to the vending machine by having trays of snacks around the office.

5. If you have frequent flyers, make the travel less stressful by buying them a Priority Pass which gives them access to VIP lounges, free WIFI, complimentary newspapers, magazines, drinks and snacks.

6. Implement a peer-to-peer recognition scheme as staff value positive feedback from their peers more than what is determined by managers.

7. Make your Employee Awards ceremony a really big deal by making sure all employees attend the celebration, explaining why the employee(s) won and making sure the winner gets recognised via the appropriate communications channels.

8. Offer team rewards (such as a night out with colleagues) as well as individual.

9. Fund training programmes that will specifically help individual employees’ career development plans.

10. Celebrate long service by hosting an awards ceremony (a bit like receiving the lifetime achievement Oscar) rather than letting the occasion slip by un-noticed.

11. Offer flexible working to allow staff to drop of children at school or take an extra day at the weekend.

12. Give employees paid time off (as part of their work time) to work on social or charitable initiatives of their choice.

13. Get their family involved. Hold a ‘bring your children to work’ day with activities for the children to do whilst they are in the office with their parents.

14. Set up an employee helpline to take the pressure off employees stresses outside of work.

15. Have an office concierge service for employees who will book personal items such as haircuts, dentist appointments, drop off and collect dry cleaning – you’d be surprised how much time is lost and the dip in productivity when employees are distracted by fitting such day-to-day tasks.

16. Set up a free office library for employees.

17. Create a pleasant working environment with good lighting, supportive chairs, plenty of storage, space to work, break out areas and decent coffee and tea.

18. Follow Google’s example and dedicate a percentage of time for employees to work on the projects they’re passionate about.

19. Encourage healthy living amongst your employees with subsidised cookery classes, wellbeing classes such as stress management, yoga and gym memberships.

20. Install showers and changing rooms for people who like to cycle to work or go for a run at lunchtime.

21. Keep all your employees feeling ‘in’ on things with on-going communication. Utilise noticeboards, email, team meetings and CEO briefings to keep employees informed on business progress.

22. Keep employees boring administration tasks to a minimum with apps or simple systems for mundane tasks such as expenses.

23. Choose a charity of the year and ask employees to get involved in raising funds for that charity. Allow employees paid time off to visit the charity to find out about the work they do and offer to match the fundraising efforts of employees.

24. Offer free childcare, holiday clubs or doggy day care for employees with children and dogs.

25. Offer free car cleaning whilst employees are at work.


John Sylvester

John is responsible for the motivation division of p&mm ltd and a Director on the board of the IPM. Specialising in developing, implementing and directing many large scale staff motivation, recognition and employee communications programmes.

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