Guest Blog: 6 Ways to motivate and inspire your team

Motivate And Inspire Your TeamMotivated employees are typically productive and happy employees.

As a manager, it is up to you to make sure that your employees understand their job and want to do it well.

Incorporating these six ideas into your leadership toolkit will ensure that your employees are motivated and inspired to be their best.


1. Allow Your Employee To Be Creative

Managers like to have as much control as possible over their staff and what they do. This may be a good thing if you have an inexperienced staff. However, you need to allow your staff to make decisions from time to time. This is one way that you can promote employee engagement at work.

When an employee knows that he or she can make a decision, that employee will feel more engaged at work. An employee who isn’t allowed to think and be creative may burn out sooner rather than later.


2. Get In The Trenches

Nothing motivates and inspires employees more than seeing their manager working right there with them. A manager who is willing to do the same work that his employees do shows that he is man of the people. If the manager can work with his employees, it shows that there is no job too small to be done well.

Recognise people


3. Employee Recognition Works Wonders

Employees don’t need a pay boost to feel motivated on the job. All they need is to know that you are aware of the work that they are doing. A simple pat on the back will make the average employee feel good about doing a good job for you.


4. Keep The Politics Out Of It

Keep politics out of the workplace. Treat all employees equally regardless of what they do. Promotions should be based on merit as opposed to the relationship that an employee has with the boss.

When employees feel that the way to the top is through a chummy relationship with the boss, it doesn’t help morale or productivity. Instead of working hard, your workers will simply work hard at being nice to you. Those who aren’t in your inner circle will feel worthless.


5. The Door Should Always Be Open

Employees should be able to come to you whenever they have a question or concern. Employees should also be able to stop by your office for a chat as well. While you don’t want to play favorites, there is nothing wrong with being personable with your team.

Communication among your team is going to help everyone work better and smarter. Your team will know that they don’t have to solve problems on their own. When everyone works together, everyone is better off.


6. Allow Your Team Members To Learn

Learning a new skill is a great reward for a motivated employee. Employees who can acquire new skills will make you and your team look better. Those who work for you will work harder because they know that doing a good job will result in career advancement.

A team that has happy and productive employees is good for you because it shows that you are a leader. You will never have to worry about your employees saying anything bad about you. When you are up for a promotion, you will have the inside track because your colleagues will respect you.


Your employees are easier to motivate than you think. All you have to do is make sure that they are recognized for what they do on the job. Let them keep learning, keep the politics out of it and always be willing to talk to them whenever necessary.


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