Staff Incentives

Generating a healthy sales pipeline can be a challenge at the best of times. To do so the individuals in your sales team need to know that if they spend the extra time chasing a lead they will be rewarded for their efforts. But it’s not enough to offer generic awards that you hope will appeal to all, by investing in a bespoke staff incentives you can offer rewards to suit any audience.

Structured sales incentivesAt P&MM we work with you to set realistic yet stretching performance measures for your employees or channel partners, and by communicating this using the appropriate media, we know how to make an impact on the performance of your business. This is complimented by an innovative and exciting reward portfolio to keep your audience fully engaged, motivated and moving in the right direction towards achieving your objectives. This means that we offer a one stop shop for every aspect of your next staff incentive that will have a positive effect on your bottom line.

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Communication is key to successful staff incentives

A structured communication plan can make the world of difference to the uptake of staff incentives. With regular, consistent and engaging communications your incentive is far more likely to make a significant impact to your business. By keeping your audience up to speed on large end-of-year incentives, as well as regular, smaller promotions, you can ensure that momentum is maintained throughout and you achieve the results you need.

After all, what’s the point in running an incentive that nobody has heard of?


Don’t forget a simple thank you

Many people underestimate the motivational power of recognising an individual for a job well done. By putting that person’s name up in lights (so to speak) you can ensure that your employees feel empowered and engaged with your company and its core products or services.

At p&mm we take this concept further than a simple pat on the back. We offer structured staff incentives that give line managers and colleagues the tools to facilitate peer recognition. By giving your employees a central point to direct their praise we ensure that no good deed goes unrecognised, while you re-enforce company values.


Help me motivate my sales team!

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