Are your employee benefits heading in the right direction?


The climate is prime for employers to offer employee benefit programmes to staff. Low cost high perceived value offers!
But the big issue for me is take up – why is this?
– Do the benefits selected offer enough choice?
– Are the benefits offered easy to take up?
– Is the communication of the programme far and wide reaching?
– Does it actually reach the audience? Offering an all singing all dancing web platform doesn’t actually mean employees will participate
– Is the scheme communicated regularly enough or simply at launch then left to gather dust?

I think all too often Employee Benefit schemes are seen as a tick box exercise – as long at the organisation are offering it then that’s job done.
Yet do they realise that if they can satisfy the needs of employees even in the smallest way through one benefit or another, that individuals motivation will improve and that individual will be more inclined to see that employer as an employer of choice. In the long run this will help to reduce absenteeism and staff turnover.

In my opinion, HR departments or those responsible for introducing Employee Benefit programmes should be targeted for uptake results, not simply implementation of employee benefit programmes!

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