How to convey your key messages and programme details

The importance of internal communication in creating an engaged workforce

The rise of social media has made communication something of a global obsession.  What’s perhaps not so apparent is the growth of internal communication – the discipline whereby employers, employees and colleagues share information and talk to each other, yet effective communication is vital to ensuring that there is mutual understanding between management and staff. 

Naked Guns! Eye catching headlines improve employee communications

Following Prince Harry’s recent exploits in LA and Kate Middleton’s revealing images in France, is it true that scandal and gossip motivate people to react?FACT: with headlines like this, the tabloids are sure to get higher newspaper sales and the web is inundated with google searches….. It is evidential that an interesting headline can provoke […]

Why is effective internal communication between company and employees important?

Internal communication binds a company together, give everyone the same sense of purpose and are essential if the organisation is to develop smoothly and efficiently, they are equally important as external communications, if not more so. Employees should be seen as the ambassadors for the brand. Employee engagement and staff branding should definitely be as high […]

You don’t realise what you’ve got till it’s gone!

The Telegraph’s recently released article titled “Staff morale hit as pay cuts and freezes continue” highlights the motivational challenge most companies will have to face over the next 12 months. The Telegraph revealed that it isn’t just the fact that there are pay freezes, cuts and financial instability it is the way in which companies […]

Why do Managers still ‘Untag’ Social Media from their company’s culture?

It seems in today’s culture you can’t speak two words without it being tweeted, posted on facebook and then scrutinised by the amount of likes it has received however, the global social media takeover has thusfar failed to persuade Senior Managers to incorporate it into their business.  A recent article in Call Centre Focus titled ‘Senior […]

68% of employees don’t understand their company’s vision… do you?

Recent research by European Leaders found that 68% of employees questioned said that they did not understand their company’s vision ( Which raises the question of why not? Do employers understand the importance of having a united workforce all moving towards a shared goal? How can they do this if they don’t fully understand what […]