How to convey your key messages and programme details

The Top 10 reasons to communicate

Two thirds of office workers think communication in their offices could be improved. (Mindlab International & Opinion Matters) Communications hold a company together. Internal communications are just as, if not more, important than your external communications; your employees are your biggest brand ambassadors. Here are our top reasons to communicate:

Engagement and the Growing Reward Perception Gap

Since engagement became the new buzz word, it’s all over the press. It relates to an employee’s commitment to, and interest in, an organisation, their job role and their willingness to go that extra mile. Engaged employees are essential to any company and there are countless benefits to having an engaged workforce. Take a look […]

Social Media meets Employee Recognition

If Facebook was a country, it would be the third largest in the world.   This is just one of many staggering social media statistics, illustrating its power and strength. Social media is the fastest growing communications tool and love it or loathe it, it’s one of the most effective ways to reach a huge […]

Communication – effective, informative and engaging

If you talk to any Reward Manager they will tell you that they understand the importance of communicating a recognition scheme – after all, if a scheme isn’t communicated, how will anyone know anything about it? But there is a big difference between communication and effective communication. Putting up a poster or sending out a […]

Getting HR and marketing to work together

When it comes to motivating staff, HR and marketing can learn enormous amounts from each other.  But all too often, they seem to be speaking completely different languages. What’s the best way to get the two to work together to get the best out of staff? Nobody questions whether HR and Marketing should work together; […]

Understanding your audience

Understanding your audience, their tastes and interests, is key when planning a motivation programme, whether for staff or trade customers. Assuming that you know what inspires your customers or employees is a basic mistake that is often made when putting together a campaign. Ideally, you need to research your audience to establish what’s going to […]