Employee Benefits

Reduce staff turnover, increase morale and improve work-life balance

Benefits: considerations that drive employee engagement

Employee disengagement costs organisations billions of pounds every year and directly impacts your bottom line. So it’s no wonder that HR professionals and senior management are asking whether employee benefits will drive an improvement in employee engagement and job satisfaction. Unfortunately there is no clear-cut answer, because the answer is, ‘It depends.’ So in this […]

What’s keeping HR professionals awake at night?

It’s 10 pm: you’ve survived the commute to and from work, meetings, emails, making dinner and perhaps done some exercise. You should be relaxing after your hectic day, but you can’t quite relax. Your mind is ticking over and reliving parts of your working day and you’re wondering what tomorrow will bring. It’s a situation […]

Engaging your employees at benefits enrolment time – Part 2

In Engaging your employees at enrolment time (part 1) I looked at what to do, four to two months before your enrolment period opens. In this post I look at the final two months.   Two months before enrolment With two months until your employee benefits enrolment period opens you should now know your exact enrolment period […]

Engaging your employees at benefits enrolment time – Part 1

It’s July, surely there’s no need to think about your annual employee benefits enrolment just yet, after all there’s plenty of time until the end of they year… But it will be here sooner than you think, and if you want to make the best of your annual enrolment period then you should start planning […]

Get in touch with your employees benefit needs

The headlines in the employee benefits media are saying that ‘Employers are dramatically ‘out of touch’ with the needs of their employees.’ MetLife’s fourth Employee Benefits Trends Survey, has found that 46% of employers think their company is a ‘great place to work’, yet this view is only shared by 31% of staff. These trends remain in […]

Financial wellbeing benefits: wellbeing for you and your employees

Financial stress is a growing problem in the UK. 46% of employees worry about their finances, 20% say financial problems often interfere with their work and 18% of employees often lose sleep worrying about financial problems according to Barclays Corporate and Employer Solutions’ ‘Financial wellbeing: the last taboo in the workplace’ report.   With statistics like […]