Employee Benefits

Reduce staff turnover, increase morale and improve work-life balance

How to ensure the success of your employee benefits scheme

Employee benefit schemes need to work hard if they are going to reap the rewards of improved staff retention and morale. In a time where an increasing number of employers aren’t seeing their benefits schemes reach their full potential, how can you ensure the success of your HR initiatives in 2014?

The economy is growing but employees are still suffering

UK economic output rose by 0.8% between July and September 2013, according to official GDP figures announced today and the Office for National Statistics has said that there has been a “fairly strong” performance across all sectors. With this news that the UK economy is experiencing its fastest growth for three years there’s an emerging optimism […]

Employee benefits schemes fail to meet expectations of younger generation

Employee benefits schemes are failing to meet the expectations of younger employees, and so are not fit for purpose according to new research. The report from Barclays Corporate and Employer Solutions, Talking About My Generation: Exploring the Benefits Engagement Challenge, finds there are now up to five different generations in the workplace and is the […]

Are employees’ financial worries affecting your bottom line?

According to white paper released by Purchasing Power, nearly 50% of full-time American workers say they worry about personal finances during work hours. In the survey titled, “Financial Wellness: The Addressing the “9 to 5” Impact of 24/7 Financial Stress“, those who are employed full-time were asked how their finances affect them at work in […]

Infographic: Failure to communicate employee benefits costs UK businesses £2.7 Billion a year

The Unum Employee Benefits team commissioned a study by the Cass Businesses School to investigate the cost of failing to communicate benefits to employees. The results deliver a stark warning to employers – failure to effectively communicate benefits costs UK businesses £2.7 Billion each year. Without a comprehensive communication plan companies offering great employee benefits […]

Benefits that stretch employee salaries further

According to research by the Trade Union Congress (TUC), employees in the UK have experienced a bigger fall in real wages than any other workforce in the world’s top ten developed economies. The Global Race Report found that real wages fell by 4.5% in the UK between 2007 and 2011, compared to declines of 2.7% […]