Show me your money – A sure fire way to reduce employee engagement in your organisation!

Did anyone else see this? Charlie Mullins’ radical approach to establishing a level playing field for wages at Pimlico Plumbers certainly was a worthy publicity stunt but left me wondering, what exactly was the point in all that?! The channel 4 documentary followed the boss of this London based plumbing company as he exposed the […]

Engaging For Success

The UK may be facing another year of pay freezes and employment drought, as it was revealed that the UK unemployment rate has increased to 0.5% since 2011 and there are now a staggering 6 unemployed people to every job vacancy. Given the bleak outlook on our financial meltdown the government are committed to revitalising […]

Stryker Strikes again with employee engagement!

With business back to normal many organisations are now keen to review their current employee engagement processes. A recent article in HR Zone titled ‘7 Guidelines for Employee Engagement: Lessons from Stryker’ revealed Gallups enterprising new case study on global medical devices company Stryker. The case study illustrated several key principles in running a successful […]

Over 50% of UK Employees are disengaged

51% of UK employees are disengaged according to HR Magazine, and there has been a 17% decrease in employee engagement since 2006. These figures are clearly negative, but just how important is employee engagement? Pretty important according to 83% of senior executives surveyed, who regarded unengaged employees as one of the 3 most significant threats […]