Better management key to improving Employee Engagement

I stumbled across the following infographic by which I feel demonstrates the importance of better line management in improving employee engagement levels and the subsequent impact that can have on performance. The key point for me being that there is a direct correlation between employee engagement and business performance.

Employee Engagement for dummies – what is it and how do I improve it?

After five years of recession and almost zero growth, staff have little confidence or reason for optimism. Tight financial policies, with minimal staff numbers, long hours and virtually no pay rises are now the norm. Nobody yet believes they can see ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’, so why should staff continue to […]

Employee Engagement: The difference between ordinary and extraordinary

Employee Engagement is an important term for anyone involved in the development and implementation of motivation programmes. This blog looks at what is meant by Employee Engagement, why it is important to companies today and how motivation programmes can be used as part of a strategy to impact Employee Engagement positively.

Show me your money – A sure fire way to reduce employee engagement in your organisation!

Did anyone else see this? Charlie Mullins’ radical approach to establishing a level playing field for wages at Pimlico Plumbers certainly was a worthy publicity stunt but left me wondering, what exactly was the point in all that?! The channel 4 documentary followed the boss of this London based plumbing company as he exposed the […]

Engaging For Success

The UK may be facing another year of pay freezes and employment drought, as it was revealed that the UK unemployment rate has increased to 0.5% since 2011 and there are now a staggering 6 unemployed people to every job vacancy. Given the bleak outlook on our financial meltdown the government are committed to revitalising […]

Stryker Strikes again with employee engagement!

With business back to normal many organisations are now keen to review their current employee engagement processes. A recent article in HR Zone titled ‘7 Guidelines for Employee Engagement: Lessons from Stryker’ revealed Gallups enterprising new case study on global medical devices company Stryker. The case study illustrated several key principles in running a successful […]