The impact of different generations in the workplace

In many organisations there are now four generations working alongside each other: Generation Y (born 1980-1994), Generation X (1965-1980), Baby Boomers (1946-1964), and Traditionalists (born before 1945). And a new one Generation Z (born since 1995) is just about to enter the workplace. As a result HR professionals and managers face a real challenge to […]

The importance of employee engagement to improving productivity

George Osborne has come under fire after his plans for improving the UK’s lagging productivity were attacked by MP’s in a report. His “Productivity Plan” for the UK economy, which was published alongside last July’s Budget, puts the UK’s shortfall in productivity down to factors such as lower investment in equipment by businesses and low […]

Gaining top-level support for employee engagement

It’s that time of year when companies across the globe are undertaking their annual employee engagement survey to benchmark their employees’ level of engagement, loyalty and job satisfaction. These engagement surveys should help the leadership team shape company culture and address employee issues. However, less than 2% of CEOs look at the survey results more than […]

Who is responsible for employee engagement?

Employee engagement is a high priority for businesses operating in any sector, and as such it’s evolved into a serious business issue that has moved beyond the sole remit of the HR team. While engagement is regularly on the agendas of board meetings, it remains a key challenge for HR professionals who are often charged with improving employee […]

How to use gamification to engage employees

More and more organisations, both large and small, are using gamification to overcome workplace obstacles and improve the performance of the organisation. And this is turning gamification into an industry that is expected to grow to $2.8 billion in 2016, according to experts.   What is gamification? It is a common misconception that gamification is […]

Who keeps your employees engaged?

A peer to peer recognition programme can have a positive impact on your employee engagement levels as well as boosting motivation and productivity.