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Kuljit Kaur speaks about motivating staff

Kuljt Kaur, Head of Business Development at P&MM Motivation, speaks about the difference between motivating your own staff and third party staff  

Motivating Lower Paid Staff – Keeping the cogs turning

While incentives for sales staff are no doubt an invaluable method of maximising revenue, it cannot be ignored that certain elements of a workforce will be performing tasks that, while not directly generating profits, are still essential for keeping the cogs of an organisation turning. It is these employees, unfortunately, whose efforts can often be […]

Improve customer service levels with an effective reward and recognition scheme

Have you just received the results of your latest customer satisfaction survey and are wondering why you can’t get those stats up to the standard needed? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Organisations in all industries are recognising the importance of high quality frontline customer service, and in the current climate this could make or break […]

Marketers Feeling Stuck in a Rut?

Marketing Managers and Executives across the country are no doubt feeling the strain imposed upon them by the current economic crisis. With marketing being one of the largest areas of discretionary spend within an organisation budgets – and even jobs – are being cut in an effort to slash overheads. In the meantime your marketing […]

How to beat the January blues

Coming back to work after the festive season is a time when employees need to be motivated most.  The prospect waking up early again as it gets colder to face December’s credit card bill and living up to New Year resolutions is hardly motivating. The most effective way to lift the gloom is to give […]

The challenge with motivating call centre staff

There is a conflict between the short-term culture within call centres and the long-term business objectives of the organisation. Generally speaking, incentive programmes in call centre companies, tend to be high noise and short lived. What needs to be implement is a planned programme of activity which works towards the long-term business objectives. This however should […]