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Improving resilience in employees

In the last decade there has been a huge disruption in business caused by the recession. The need for organisations to reduce costs, focus on their core business and reorganise themselves so they can take advantage of the improving economy led to change, disruption and stress for employees. The recent EU referendum and the resulting […]

What is Human Capital Management?

Employees are the lifeblood of the organisation, your organisation can’t survive if you don’t have them or they are not contributing to its success. That’s why once an organisation reaches a certain size they recruit a HR professional or HR team. Years ago when you mentioned Human Resources the image of the role that was […]

New year, improved team through better use of technology

Traditionally the start of the year is the time when managers and HR professionals review their teams and their abilities to perform the tasks needed to deliver organisational goals for the year ahead. For organisations to be successful they need to address a number of key areas: employee diversity, employee engagement, and employee collaboration. They need […]

Employee ideas boost continuous improvement programmes

Many organisations focus on continuous improvement as a strategy for growing and developing the business, but it can be a tremendous challenge to keep continuous improvement at the top of employees mind. All too often employees are focused on their day-to-day role and the pressures that brings, rather than thinking about the future.   However, […]

The business case for employee wellbeing and managing stress

This week sees Stress Awareness Day 2015. The awareness day on the 4th November aims to highlight the importance of workplace wellbeing, because stress is often an unseen and overlooked risk to personal and business health. The issue of stress in the workplace can be a critical one, because if employee stress is not managed appropriately […]

Employees are putting their health at risk due to an epidemic of presenteeism

Nearly a third of employers have reported an increase in people coming to work while they are ill. This is according to the annual CIPD / Simplyhealth Absence Management Survey, which also found that longer hours and focus on operational demands over employee wellbeing are fuelling the increase in presenteeism. The survey of nearly 600 […]