General interest articles

How will the recession impact on the corporate gift market this Christmas?

While everybody will look back and say that this has been a tough twelve months, many organisations are now a lot more optimistic about the future than they were last Christmas. They should be eager to demonstrate thanks and appreciation to the staff that have worked with them through this difficult time. With no bonuses, […]

Commission vs Incentives – myths dispelled

Commission and incentives do the same job? No they don’t. While both are performance related rewards, commission is simply a results-linked on-going element of the remuneration package. It disappears into the bank account for household spending with the rest of earnings. Incentives, however, provide a special boost to staff or dealer motivation. They inspire and […]

Events haven’t lost their motivational value just because the pound has

In 2009, companies are cutting costs to address sales shortfalls but, for 2010 and beyond, they must address their sales and marketing strategies to deliver effective returns. It’s an undeniable fact that events are a key marketing medium. During tough times however, people are hesitant to host impressive events, and are therefore underestimating – or […]

Tackling Attrition

British business faces a bill of £38 billion per year on staff turnover, at a cost of £8-10,000 per employee wasted on recruitment and the loss of productivity.  Therefore strategic motivation is at the heart of lowering attrition and companies need to sell themselves to staff before selling to the public to effectively achieve buy-in of any […]

My Favourite Things

There is probably a stage in most peoples careers where you can look back and say “that’s when everything changed and life has been different from that point on”. For me it was in 2003 when P&MM was at a crossroads – business performance had been a bit up and down, we lacked clarity of purpose […]

Getting your people to live your brand

All organisations have to market their products or services to the public, but getting their own employees to buy into the brand can pose a whole new challenge. Here’s my 10 point guide to give business leaders all they need to know about getting staff to live a brand… 1. Aim to obtain ‘buy in’ from […]