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How healthy is your business?

Chronic diseases are on the rise, which means that sooner or later your business will be affected by underperforming employees who come to work when sick, or increasingly stressed employees trying to cover their absent colleagues’ roles. It, therefore, shouldn’t be a surprise when I say that it’s in your interests to do all you […]

10 ways to keep your employees motivated during the Rugby World Cup

The excitement is building, soon the Rugby World Cup kicks off with England v Fiji and lasts until the end of October. Like the Football World Cup, fans around the globe are waiting with baited breath for the matches and employers see the potential for distractions in the workplace as employees try to follow updates […]

Staff loyalty: just how much should you expect?

Countless articles and papers will tell you that your employees are the lifeblood of your organisation. If your employees aren’t happy or are disengaged it can cost your organisation money: poor customer service, inefficient processes, employee errors and increasing recruitment and induction costs. On the other hand when employees are happy and motivated they deliver a […]

What makes a great mentor?

To be a great mentor you need to efficiently manage workloads and employees; as well as ensure deadlines are achieved with great outputs by providing essential training and guidance along the way. A recent report showed that 85% of Generation Y interns expect to be monitored through their experience. They expect mentorship to be meaningful, […]

New Year Resolutions for Businesses

Come the New Year, we’ll all be making resolutions. The New Year is a great time for us to start afresh and make new commitments, but why should this stop at a personal level? What about applying New Year resolutions to teams, divisions or your whole business? Just like setting personal resolutions, the start of the […]

Are you married to your work?

We have all heard the phrase ‘work-life balance’, but can we honestly say that we are following this advice, or are we still falling short of a healthy mix of work and free time? It’s easy to talk about striking a work-life balance, but in reality it can be quite difficult to implement effectively. This […]