Guest Post: How new performance management trends can motivate your staff

The dreaded ‘rank and yank’ approach to performance management, whereby managers score employees and then sack the lowest performers, is rapidly becoming recognised as a deeply flawed system. Instead of motivating employees to be more productive and achieve their work objectives, the rank and yank strategy is notorious for damaging staff morale and causing tension […]

Guest Post: How to get staff motivated about health and safety

Health and safety is not the most exciting buzzword in any staffroom, and yet getting your employees motivated and passionate about safety could not be more important. Despite popular opinion, health and safety is not just about numbers, regulations, and protocols. At its heart, safety is about people. So here are a few ways to […]

Guest Blog: 15 things you can implement today to improve staff happiness

Employee happiness and wellbeing is at the forefront of employers’ concerns with many trying to find new ways to ensure their workforce is content. A happy workforce has the potential to be more productive, invested and efficient, therefore improving the business as a whole. Fortunately there are many ways in which to improve staff happiness, […]

Infographic: 7 of the most effective ways to stay motivated

Motivation is not something that is particularly easy to come by. We have to be in the right frame of mind to be our most productive selves. Some of us struggle to remain motivated regularly and that can not only have an impact on our personal lives and routine but also on our working lives. Achieving […]

Guest Post: How Reducing Staff Turnover Helps to Build a Successful Business

If you were put in the position of doing just one thing you believe is critical to the success of your business, what would it be? Answer that question in the privacy of your own mind. Now, we want to challenge you with an idea that may never have occurred to you: reducing staff turnover […]

Guest Post: Why you’re not too busy to take a lunch break

These days, stopping for lunch has become synonymous with not having enough to do. Too many hardworking employees are skipping lunch, often claiming it’s to avoid staying late. In reality, increased stress and reduced energy – caused by working through lunch – will make you less productive than taking at least twenty minutes away from […]