Guest Post: Four Incentives Employees Should Be Offered To Prevent Brain Drain

Although the term “brain drain” was first coined to describe the mass emigration of intelligent, talented people from post-war Europe to the United States (such as Albert Einstein), it is often used today to refer to the poaching of talent from companies by rivals and other organisations. A lot of these companies have inherent issues […]

Guest Post: How do zero hour contracts affect motivation in the workplace?

For a long time zero hour contracts have been the subject of a fairly contentious debate. Regardless of this, it is important to ensure that employee’s who are on these contracts feel as valued and willing to work as those who are not. In this weeks guest post, Jenny Ho, on behalf of Law on […]

Guest Blog: 30 Ways to Make Your Employees Happy (infographic)

Employee happiness and well-being is an integral part of any business. Unum’s new infographic offers advice on ways in which employers can ensure they’re doing the best for their employees. The infographic provides tips on everything from how to create a welcoming and creative working environment to how to recognise the needs of the individual.

Guest Blog: The Financial Cost of a Bad Hire (infographic)

For employers, knowing what they want in terms of performance expectations from an employee can be crucial for their companies. A bad hire can take a great toll on a company’s financial performance. This infographic by Accounting School Guide presents the costs and determinants of a bad hire, as well as well as means for […]

Guest Blog: What makes the modern workforce tick?

Motivation is not only vital in ensuring that companies maintain a healthy workforce but also a healthy business. Times are changing however, and the traditional motivational methods we’ve become accustomed to may well be on the way out. The following infographic, researched and put together by Towergate, takes a look at some of the things […]

Guest Blog: The Importance of Happiness in the Workplace

When it comes to motivation in the workplace, employers make use of quite a varying number of methods. Some companies use fear as a motivator, such as the fear of losing a job or the fear of being reprimanded by the boss. More often though, companies use positive incentives to motivate, such as bonuses and […]