Guest blog: How motivational speakers can help your business flourish

Would you like to add a spark of inspiration to reignite the zeal and passion amongst your employees? If so, then a motivational speaker can do great job. A motivational speaker doesn’t just deliver a great speech but they can lead a team to success, help an individual achieve a goal, and even turn a […]

Guest Post: 5 benefits your potential employees look for when job-seeking

When you begin the hunt for a new employee, the candidate in mind is highly skilled in their profession, has experience in their industry and is qualified – but how do go about attracting this person to your job advertisement? Consider what it takes to retain and motivate your current high-calibre employees, they have certain expectations that […]

Guest Blog: Staff motivation and the productivity formula

Productivity is the key to your business’s output – and luckily for you, there’s a formula. Forward-thinking employers are now taking exciting new approaches to management and office design, in pursuit of a productive workforce, and to great effect. If your office productivity needs a long-awaited boost, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ve got all […]

Guest Blog: 5 Top employee motivation techniques

Motivating employees to perform at peak levels is a job shared by managers and executives in every industry, because higher productivity leads to greater profitability, which is the bottom line for producers and service providers. So what is at the heart of a successful motivation programme?

Guest Blog: Why happy workers make better workers

Growing interest in employee happiness is putting companies on their toes. Business press and blogs are revealing psychological findings, case studies and strategy insights that make happiness a must-have for profitable workplaces. After issuing their Global Human Capital Trends, Deloitte concludes that workers today want more. “They want something different. They are demanding, they want […]

Guest Blog: The power of employee engagement

What exactly is employee engagement? Just another corporate term, maybe, or something that’s talked about in board rooms but never really sees the light of day in real life? Well, in any organisation worth its salt, employee engagement is something that’s top of the agenda. It means exactly what it says too – engaging employees […]