Guest Blog: The motivational impact of conflict in the workplace & tips on resolving issues

Conflict in the workplace can be a healthy driving force if it is managed and handled correctly, but since there are so many factors that influence whether this is in fact even possible; it can also be extremely destructive. All kinds of issues can arise in the workplace and all too often they are accepted, […]

Guest Blog: Making meaningful employee feedback part of your 2014 organisational plan

Scott Russell is a certified Human Capital Strategist and Regional Manager at Halogen Software covering the UK. Recently, I had lunch with a friend of mine. Amid the savoury smells and sounds of the local Indian restaurant, we talked about current events, life — and work of course. After all, how can you possibly avoid […]

Guest Blog: Make sure your employees are motivated for work

Motivation of staff is possibly one of the more elusive concepts when it comes to running a business. Employee motivation is mentioned in many strategy presentations and company profiles, but achieving such motivation can be less than straightforward. However, there are a number of practical measures that can be taken to improve levels of motivation […]

Infographic: The role of video in employee communications

Internal communications specialists surveyed by HGA Creative believe that video is excellent for communicating with employees, but few are measuring the tool’s effectiveness or ROI. ‘The Role of Video in Employee Communications,” focuses on how HR, marketing and internal communications professionals are utilising video to communicate ideas, company values and information to their employees.

Guest Blog: Wellness in the Workplace

Did you know that laughter is essential for a healthy and productive workplace? If you didn’t, you do now. Whether you are in sales, in service, or in any other business using humour in your process will not only reduce stress, but improve morale, increase efficiency, and help you create lifelong relationships for success. Steve […]

Guest Blog: 6 Ways to motivate and inspire your team

Motivated employees are typically productive and happy employees. As a manager, it is up to you to make sure that your employees understand their job and want to do it well. Incorporating these six ideas into your leadership toolkit will ensure that your employees are motivated and inspired to be their best.