Staff Incentives

Keep your employees motivated and delivering both sales leads and a high level of customer service.

7 types of channel incentive: Which is best for your business?

A channel incentive programme offers dealers and reseller partners a reward that motivates them to demonstrate specific behaviours or achieve particular goals. And there’s no doubt that channel partners are precious to many vendors and manufacturers; in fact, channel incentive programmes can generate more than 75% of vendors’ revenue according to a report by Deloitte.   Why […]

Ten tips for developing a successful sales culture

Excellence is a habit. To have a successful sales team you need to have a culture that encourages success. Unfortunately too many businesses try to grow sales by piling the pressure on their sales team. If the right culture isn’t in place it’s not surprising that as a result sales teams can become experts at […]

Should you choose a monetary or non-monetary incentive scheme?

Employers are always looking for ways to maximise the motivation of their staff, and incentives are an important part of the mix. If you get the right incentive scheme for your staff, then the benefits can be significant, resulting in improved sales, productivity, customer service, efficiency, engagement and profits. One of the primary incentives many […]

Four tips for reseller incentive schemes

If your business depends on distributors and resellers then engaging them through a reseller incentive programme can help you boost sales, improve your market share, deliver better profit margins or a combination of all of these. Reseller incentives, sometimes known as reseller programmes, are great for industries such as IT, automotive and telecommunications. But to get the […]

How to modernise automotive sales incentives (SlideShare)

Despite what you might have been told, old school ‘carrot and stick’ incentives with cash as a motivator just don’t work anymore. The following presentation explores how to modernise sales incentives in an automotive environment.  Measuring automotive success has become so much more than simply looking at sales figures achieved. In the age of employee engagement, factors […]

The seven deadly sins of sales incentive programmes

Sales incentive programmes are an excellent way to help your business achieve many business objectives, for example recognising performance, increasing sales, inspiring dealers and channel partners, or encouraging repeat business from customers. But they can also go horribly wrong, as the PPI scandal has demonstrated. If you want to know how to avoid your incentive […]