Staff Incentives

Keep your employees motivated and delivering both sales leads and a high level of customer service.

Channel Incentives Guide: Part 4

In the third part of our Channel Incentive Guide we looked at selecting rewards, cash v non-cash rewards and communication. In this forth and final part, we look at key performance indicators, examples and best practice.   1. Channel incentive key performance indicators For any incentive programme to be a success, it needs to be tracked and measured. […]

Channel Incentives Guide: Part 3

In the second part of our Channel Incentive Guide we looked at channel incentive programme considerations, objectives and identifying your participants. In this third part of our series on channel incentives, we look at selecting rewards, cash vs non-cash rewards and communication.   1. Selecting rewards The selection of incentive rewards is an important issue and critical to the […]

Channel Incentives Guide: Part 2

In the first part of our Channel Incentive Guide we looked at the psychology of channel incentives and whether programmes worked. In part two of the series, we look at programme considerations, objectives and identifying your participants.   1. Channel incentive programme considerations A key consideration is that you need to understand the businesses and objectives […]

Channel Incentives Guide: Part 1

In this four part series on channel incentives we’ll uncover the benefits of a channel incentive programme, the challenges to consider and the best practices used by some of the most successful programmes.   1. Introduction Channel partners are extremely valuable to many vendors and manufacturers; in fact they can generate more than 75% of their […]

What do rewards mean to your employees?

The motivation of your workforce is clearly an important factor when it comes to the overall performance of your organisation. Almost every organisation wants it’s employees to work harder, deliver more and be more flexible. Whilst reward programmes can deliver this, the link between reward and motivation is complex.   The most important asset We all […]

What makes a successful channel incentive programme?

Channel incentive programmes (often referred to as dealer incentives) offer channel partners incentives to drive specific behaviours. Most programmes are focused on sales and meeting quotas but a successful channel incentive programme will also extend it’s focus beyond the sales staff and include other employees. In a car dealership, for example, this could include the parts […]