Staff Incentives

Keep your employees motivated and delivering both sales leads and a high level of customer service.

A good sales incentive looks like a purple cow!

What would you do if you saw a purple cow in a field full of black and white cows? Would you stop and take a second look? Would you tell your friends? Take a picture? Post it onto Facebook? Of course you would – you most certainly wouldn’t dismiss it and carry on about your […]

Businesses need to link sales incentives to ensuring profitability

In the last month a number of sales team personnel will have been given a wakeup call. Despite hitting their targets for the first quarter of the year, some staff will have had to forgo their bonus payment as it is linked to poorly thought out  sales incentives.

Staff incentives are essential, but should be carefully considered

2013 will see many organisations embracing alternative approaches to staff incentives. Gone are the days of simply waving a cheque in front of your teams’ eyes in order to achieve results, employers need to invest time, effort and budgets into strategic processes to conquer staff motivation and engagement issues through effective incentives.

Why do employers choose Christmas incentive schemes?

While some redundancies and recruitment freezes are inevitable in business, it’s vital to manage these as effectively as possible. If staff are left feeling demoralised they may end up struggling to manage the all-important customer relationships that every business relies on. Despite the repercussions of the recession continuing to resonate across the UK, there is […]

Is now the time to reinvest in incentives?

This issue strikes at the heart of every business in today’s uncertain economic times. The statistics say we are out of recession, but only just, so confidence remains at a low ebb. Add to that the Coalition Government’s plans to tackle the deficit and the situation becomes even more unclear. Has the market recovered sufficiently […]

How to motivate your sales force

In the continual drive to increase sales, millions are invested in marketing activities to attract more customers. But so much of this is wasted if a sales team is not totally motivated to achieve their best. Incentive programmes that offer rewards can play a major part in reducing this wastage and improving sales performance. But […]