Employee Recognition

Reward your staff for a job well done

Why ‘Recognition’ is the New Buzz Word

There are many sub-categories that fall under the “Recognition” umbrella, from motivation and long-service awards to rewards and incentives. Increasingly, human resources and procurement are driving these initiatives, where terms like “long service” are deemed to be ageist. They are also becoming increasingly aware of the far-reaching benefits to their organisation of a good recognition […]

How much are you wasting on your incentive programmes?

A recent study suggests a specialist pharmaceutical rep costs over £110,000. That cost includes incentives, so management has a clear responsibility to ensure their motivation programmes are cost effective. Motivation initiatives are launched for many reasons, but there should be only one – to deliver more profit to the organisation. Obvious, maybe, but few companies […]

The rise of branded cash

Human resources specialists are continually on the look out for new ideas to drive motivation, improve loyalty and staff retention, and to make recruitment easier. At the same time they have to consider the practicality of the payment methods and usage so that the schemes are popular with staff and easy to manage. Companies pay […]