Employee Recognition

Reward your staff for a job well done

Guide to the types of employee recognition programme

If you’re looking to build a culture and working environment based on employee appreciation, then implementing a formalised employee recognition programme is an extremely effective strategy. A successful recognition scheme has the power to impact on every area of your business, which means that there are lots of great reasons why implementing well-structured processes for showing […]

Creating a culture of recognition

Recognising employee performance is one of the best ways to drive desired behaviour changes. It also leads to engaged, satisfied employees, who deliver better customer satisfaction and improved bottom line results. So if you want all these great benefits, how do you create a culture of recognition in your organisation? Here are some tips:   […]

Engaging managers in your recognition programme

Ensuring managers are engaged in your recognition programme means creating the right environment for managers on the ground to give recognition easily and quickly, and as a result you’ll benefit from a more engaged, productive and loyal workforce. There are two key components HR professionals need to put in place into ensure managers are engaged […]

Five golden rules for effective peer to peer recognition

Peer recognition is a major factor in encouraging employees to go the extra mile at work. Effective peer to peer recognition programmes have many benefits for organisations, which includes raising employee job satisfaction, morale and engagement. That’s why so many organisations are actively developing and implementing a peer to peer recognition programme.   If you want […]

How to boost employee recognition and reward ROI

Employee recognition and reward programmes are designed to drive desired behaviours and actions, and to motivate employees. And with the improving economy they are playing an increasingly prominent role in boosting business results and achieving core business objectives. Studies tell us that to get the best out of your staff it’s vital to recognise and […]

How to use recognition and rewards to improve health and safety

Health and Safety can be a contentious issue, but one that is present in organisations worldwide. According to Health and Safety Executive data, an estimated 28,234 million days were lost from self-reported work-related illness and injury in the workplace last year, costing the economy an astonishing £14.2 billion. However, it is possible to improve health […]