Charitable Rewards – Enabling your employees to keep donating

RewardsCharities have seen huge growth in donations in the past few decades, and people are increasingly opting for charitable gifts over others. This has recently spread into the corporate world – being seen to support a charity brings with it a mix of benefits for your company, such as generating positive PR and increasing employee loyalty. Research suggests that people have had to scale back on personal charity giving in the past few years, holding the recession accountable. Perhaps incorporating more charitable options into your initiatives will enable your employees to keep supporting charities without having to do so directly from their own pocket?

Many companies are already organising this in some form – in fact, Personnel Today claims that 44% of employees on a payroll have access to a workplace giving scheme, and the number of employees donating this way has risen by 150% in the past decade. People want to give, it makes them feel good, and sacrificing part of their salary means they can give even more for less, thanks to tax relief on charity donations. Countless companies are using some such schemes, including Expedia, Center Parcs and General Health Care Group. But there are alternatives to flexible benefits – charity donations can be integrated into your Reward and Recognition scheme too.

As people are struggling to stretch to charity donations, they will appreciate the option to receive their reward in the form of a ‘Good Gift’, or perhaps the opportunity to take time off work to volunteer. One innovative approach to this is a pre paid debit card offering retail discounts, where users can choose to donate some or all of their savings made to charity. This means they can feel that charitable ‘warm glow’ without actually spending any more of their own wage. Another option could be a charity donation made on behalf of the employee or an ethical gift such as providing clean water or investing in a business. These methods enable your employees to keep giving, will do wonders for engagement and have the added benefit of improving your company image.

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