Creating brand advocates – work from the inside out

The Office for Budget Responsibility has unveiled that approximately 2.8million people aged between 16 and 24 will be out of work in 2012, a significant increase of 200,000 on 2011. With figures like these it seems many employees will want to shove their heads in the filing cabinet this spring.

Manpower revealed that despite the high unemployment rate, 84% of employees are planning to look for a new job in 2012 and Gallup found that internal branding within unhappy employees is ‘the biggest marketing challenge of all’. B2B state that despite huge public billboard campaigns and glossy magazine articles the most effective brand strategy starts from the inside out.

Business 2 Business Community online also highlighted the fact that many marketing companies can get so wrapped up in trying to find the next big campaign, spending money on a new launch or product that they actually miss their best brand advocates…their employees! (article: ‘Your biggest branding challenge is unhappy Employees’).

The impact of an unhappy workforce who have disconnected from your brand can have disastrous effects on prospective business, employee engagement and the general working environment. B2B highlights the need for business leaders to recognise and apply the appropriate level of urgency to unhappy employees. In order to dedicate time, money, energy and research towards enhancing internal initiatives that will reinforce and re-engage employees with their company’s key goals and branding.

An article in Employee Benefits titled ‘Adding Colour’ supported the need for employers to address the issue of unhappy workers. Charles Cotton, reward adviser from CIPD stated that “some organisations can take the attitude that employees can like it or lump it at the moment as there are not many job opportunities around” this approach to employee happiness is one which is actually doing more harm than many employers realise. Ensuring you are aware of the ever changing needs of your workforce is fundamental to keeping teams motivated and connected with your company brand and objectives.

Employee Benefits also supports the fact that employers need to consider the changing demands of the next generation of employees, who will be more networked and have a greater need for interconnectivity. Beneath the piles of invoices, new product designs and brochures take a moment to look around and observe the real advocates of your brand, your employees. Ensuring they are kept motivated, engaged, stimulated and rewarded can have the ultimate ‘ripple’ effect on potential business. As the saying goes “You do your best work if you do a job that makes you happy” Bob Ross.

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