Don’t let your motivational programmes fall flat as a pancake!

Whilst most of us will be flipping our frying pans this Pancake Day employers are also wanting to make sure that their motivation schemes have not fallen flat. With the UK gearing up for what seems to be a year jammed full of mega events, from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee to the London Olympics, there is no doubt that the UK will be the centre of attention… which is why employers want to ensure that their motivation and recognition programmes continue to be embraced and appreciated by their workforce.

IntaPeople’s 2012 UK research revealed that only 31% organisations are looking to scale back their current employee benefits programme  despite the ongoing economic down turn.  In order to reduce costs 53% of respondents also admitted to installing pay freezes this year however, they also understand the importance of keeping staff morale at a high with 93% of respondents believing that good employee benefits are crucial to maintaining productivity in the workplace. IntaPeople’s Sales Director Stephen Riley stated “In a time of ongoing economic uncertainty businesses need to do whatever they can to keep hold of their talent”.

A recent article in Employee Benefits titled ‘Are you feeling motivated?’ highlighted that 70% of employees believe that motivation programmes improve staff morale and 64% feel that they help to increase sales.  The article suggested that despite the introduction of pay freezes business leaders still acknowledge and want to invest in effective employee benefit programmes, with 88% agreeing that they are more important in a difficult economic climate. Over 58% of respondents revealed that their budgets for motivation programmes in 2011 stayed the same and 20% forecast an increase in 2012.

Employee Benefits highlighted that only 20% of employees are organising motivational activities around the Olympics, however the majority of companies are planning on holding activities after the Olympics in order to develop and help maintain the Olympic legacy.  2012 provides numerous UK companies with the opportunity to enhance their motivational offering, but it all depends on whether companies choose to embrace and integrate this year’s mega events into their business.

Motivation and incentive programmes are set to be one of the most utilised business tools this year! Inject vibrancy, positivity and encouragement back into your office and don’t let your employee morale fall flat as a pancake!

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