Employee Benefits

Once upon a time, a good salary and employment terms were enough to attract and retain great staff members – but in an increasingly competitive market, where you want the best team possible behind you, it’s vital to include valuable and eye-catching employee benefits into your employment package.


Cost Of Living

We offer a wide range of employee benefits packages so that you can choose the most appropriate type for your business and those that work for you – take a look at our solutions…

Voucher/Gift Card Savings Schemes

This fantastic scheme gives employees the opportunity to place regular or ad hoc voucher/gift card orders – all at a price that’s lower than the face value. With a wide selection of favourite, high street retailers to choose from and savings of up to 15% on offer, it’s a great way for them to save money on everyday or luxury items.


Prepaid Card Cashback Schemes

Our cashback cards are the latest innovation in employee benefits. Staff and their partners are given their own personal card which they can then load money onto; they then have the freedom to use it anywhere that MasterCard® is accepted. However they’ll earn cashback every time they use it to make purchases at 50 different high street stores, making their money go even further.


Online Discount Portals

Lifestyle is a popular and desirable staff discount portal, with many businesses signing up to help their staff enjoy an abundance of savings. This option offers an impressive 8,500 different discount offers, including preferential discounts and unlimited savings from a long list of well known brands – with plenty to appeal to everyone’s tastes.


Tax Free Benefits

These staff benefits work on a ‘salary sacrifice’ basis, allowing participants the chance to exchange part of their remuneration from cash to non-cash benefits, reducing their paid salary, and therefore the amount of PAYE tax and NICs due. Benefits include ‘cycle to work’, annual leave purchase and childcare vouchers among others.



Every business needs to ensure that any employee benefit scheme that they choose is affordable and worthwhile from the outset. Our solutions are available from less than £1,000 depending on the service you choose – but once you’re up and running, you can recuperate much of this initial cost.

Many of the benefits we offer work on a voluntary basis, with employees having the option to sign up if they wish, and in doing so, will cover a proportion of your set-up fees. In return, they’ll be given a wealth of opportunities to enjoy staff savings, making their small initial investment well worth their while.

How do our employee benefits schemes work?

Save Employees MoneyEmployee benefits are a fairly simple concept; often organised on a voluntary basis, your employees have the option to ‘trade in’ a specified amount of their salary in exchange for vouchers or another chosen benefit. The great thing is that the value of the benefit will actually exceed the amount of salary that they’ve sacrificed, so your staff end up better off every month.

Schemes generally require an annual commitment, after which time each individual team members can choose whether or not they wish to sign up again for another year.

Support for your HR team

When you choose one of our benefit packages, you won’t be going it alone. With experience of working with organisations of all shapes and sizes, across both the public and private sectors, our team are on hand to help your HR department to set up and manage your chosen service.

The biggest challenge for most HR teams is communicating the benefits of a new scheme – so we’ve developed supporting materials to accompany most of our solutions, helping you to inform your workforce and create a buzz – after all, a benefit that nobody knows about isn’t worth the time and effort it took to implement.

We’re committed to working alongside your business to ensure that your communications are effective, helping to spark interest and clearly demonstrate the value of opting in.
As an employer, you need to make sure that you’re offering additional extras that will make you stand out and demonstrate that you value and appreciate your team’s contribution to the company. By providing staff savings and other benefits that will help individuals and their families, your reputation as a great place to work and an employer that truly cares about its workforce can only grow.

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