Employee Engagement is a two way street

Are your managers and employees walking in different directions?

Employee engagement joint responsibilityMany employers still adamantly believe that you are either an engaged individual or you’re not, but this is not the case. Enjoying your job is not the same as being engaged while working and employee engagement is very much a two way street. Yes individuals are responsible for opting to embrace their company’s values and goals but employers need to accept that they are equally responsible for creating the right environment. Employers need to foster a culture in which employees have development opportunities, are encouraged to embrace corporate culture and are recognised for their efforts in doing so.

“Engaged employees give discretionary effort not just because of who they are but also because of what the company brings out of them”

Investing in strategic, social and effectively managed employee recognition schemes can help to create a culture of appreciation focused on your organisations core values, which will directly impact on your bottom line through improved productivity, focus and customer service.

“Research shows that 65% of all lost customers can be traced back to a disengaged employee”

Many employers overlook the impact a disengaged employee can have on client relationships and productivity. Customers can also disengage with a company at the drop of a hat; there is nothing more off putting than dealing with an individual who literally does not care.

“Disengaged employees can be saved, but it requires introspection and a willingness to change by both parties”

Companies who take a committed and proactive approach to employee engagement will reap the rewards. Never think that it is ‘game over’, both management and employee’s can improve their engagement levels and enhance their working relationships.

“Remember, your best employee today could be your most disengaged employee tomorrow”


Employee engagement needs commitment from both sides” HRZone blog by Derek Irvine
The 7 reasons people leave” webinar – led by Leigh Braham (author of The 7 hidden reasons why employees disengage and leave) and Darcy Jacobsen (Globoforce blogger).

John Sylvester

John is responsible for the motivation division of p&mm ltd and a Director on the board of the IPM. Specialising in developing, implementing and directing many large scale staff motivation, recognition and employee communications programmes.

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