Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Through Reward and RecognitionMake your organisation a great place to work by improving employee engagement at every level.

If you want to inspire your staff and increase their contribution to your company’s activities, a structured employee engagement solution is vital. Employers want employees who will work hard and ‘go the extra mile’, while employees want jobs that will inspire them, make them feel worthwhile and increase their personal sense of value and well-being.

With over 70% of The Sunday Times Top 100 Employers investing in reward and recognition programmes, it’s clear to see that these initiatives are fundamental to achieving an engaged workforce. Reward and recognition schemes alongside a comprehensive staff benefit packages are the ideal way to meet the needs of both parties.

When you engage employees, big things can happen…
A more highly engaged workforce brings a multitude of benefits to any organisation; let’s take a look at them:



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 Benefits of engagement – an employee’s perspective

While reward, recognition and savings schemes provide some obvious benefits to your employees, there are some others that are also worth mentioning. Well engaged and rewarded staff experience:

  • More fulfilling work days
  • A greater sense of personal satisfaction
  • More self-worth and value
  • A feeling of job security
  • A feeling of equality in the workplace
  • Increased opportunities to develop new work skills
  • Higher levels of productivity which can lead to promotion opportunities
  • Better working relationships with peers and management
  • A stronger sense of happiness which transfers to happier personal relationships
  • A reduced sense of boredom or work days passing slowly
  • Increased self-confidence

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