Getting the Best from Sales and Procurement Employees

Focus Group

Sales and Procurement are two sides of the same coin, both with extremely similar talents, used at different ends of the purchasing line.

Collaboration is required throughout the supply chain process, and businesses should try to ensure it happens right through from planning to ultimate delivery.

Typical Sales Skills
  • Moving away from mass cold calling to focus more on developing long term relationships:
  • Sales professionals are recognising the need to change from ‘hard sell’ techniques to creating a first point of entry and developing a two way conversation with contacts to win business.
  • Developing their skills in tenacity:
  • Sales people are rejected in their roles more than any other profession, but they keep persevering until securing the close of sale.
  • Confidence and knowledge in their product or offering:
  • Sales have a genuine belief in their products or services and are knowledgeable as to how they can add value to the clients. They are great advocates and will go out passionately to tell the tale.
  • Ensuring true stakeholder engagement:
  • By getting to know your stakeholders and ensuring their goals and objectives align to your business strategy; Sales can create bespoke offerings, rather than just text book services.

Understanding your category area and having a thorough grasp of the procurement process is clearly essential; however these are areas that can be taught. What is harder to embed are the key softer interpersonal skills – particularly in relation to communication, which are more common in the sales community. These skills are required to engage and develop any procurement strategy. Without them, no matter how advanced your strategy may be, it will simply not get off the ground.

Shared skill set of Sales and Procurement professionals
  • Process Driven
  • Service and Product Knowledge
  • Understanding Company Requirements
  • Demonstrate Impact of Improving (Sales/Saving) Margin
  • Able to Negotiate, Influence and Advise
  • Financially Motivated
  • Excellent Communicator
  • Driven by ‘Big Data’

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5 Top Tips to Embrace Internal Partnerships

  1. Work smarter together and understand how you can engage internal teams to feel empowered.

  2. Transfer knowledge internally and communicate effectively across all areas of the business – find out who is responsible for what and how

  3. Be your businesses own ambassadors

  4. Make savings an outcome not an end goal.

  5. Ensure effectiveness is your primary objective.

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