What is Employee Engagement?

The term ‘employee engagement’ describes when an organisation encourages employees to buy-in to their goals, ambitions and corporate ethos in a way that will inspire them to want to drive the business forward proactively and generate success.

Its aim is to emphasise to the individual that they are an integral part of the organisation and that their efforts will directly contribute towards achieving success. The engaged employee will feel personally rewarded by the opportunities and successes that are created through their hard work, as well as the recognition that they will receive from their employer for driving the business forward.

This introductory video, produced by the EngageForSuccess team, sheds some light upon the subject:

However engagement is not the same as motivation. Engagement is when employees are experiencing job satisfaction from a shared understanding of organisational goals that results in enhanced productivity or service levels. Motivation sits on a solid foundation of engagement. It is about firing up employees to achieve specific goals such as sales targets or service levels and then rewarding them appropriately for this achievement.

An engaged employee is:

Profile Of An Engaged Employee

An engaged employee is both motivated and loyal, and a motivated and loyal employee can be a highly productive one.


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