Employee Ideas Schemes

employee ideas schemeEncourage employees to submit useful ideas and your company will thrive. Formalised employee ideas schemes generate hundreds of business improvement ideas.

Did you know?

42% of employees have no idea where to submit an idea when it comes to them? And 80% have never been rewarded for a good idea they put forward?
You can change this with an online submission portal that gives employees the recognition they deserve for proactive thinking.

Case Study: Talarius implement over 100 new ideas submitted by employees

Find out how recognition, reward and continual communication encourages employees to put their ideas forward at online gaming provider Talarius.

employee ideas scheme case study

“We are really pleased with how the system works, it’s very easy for all our colleagues to use. Employees can access this from their home or via our intranet making it accessible all day long! We hold a national conference once a year and have now incorporated a ‘call the slots: best idea’ award into the evening awards ceremony, which shows just how much this scheme means to both the company and our employees.”

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HR teams can make a significant impact on business performance

HR professionals can help generate business improvement ideas from employees, without committing to another large administrative burden. Feedback is an essential tool in the fight to improve employee engagement, yet many companies fail to offer a well structured means to submit ideas and gain recognition when good ideas are taken up.
Research shows that most employees would come up with creative suggestions to help improve the organisation they work for if they were recognised and rewarded for their idea – whether it was successfully implemented or not.
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How do our employee ideas schemes work?

Our online employee ideas portal can be used to encourage idea generation and recognise the impact every individual can make to your business. The portal enables staff to input their ideas against your core company values and receive recognition for their contribution in the form of e-cards or manager presentation materials.

They can access it whenever and wherever they get a brilliant idea!

Scheme administrators can evaluate all ideas on a monthly basis and reward staff in a variety of ways for suggestions – where they are taken up or not. Rewards can include points that can be redeemed against a suite of merchandise, gift cards, vouchers, prepaid cards, experiences days, cinema tickets or travel..

Our portal ensures that employees know the status of their ideas with regular communications being sent at every update. It it based on tried and tested employee recognition techniques and can therefore easily be expanded to incorporate additional recognition critera, such as living company values, long service awards or peer to peer recognition.

Download our guide to reward and recognition

Reward and recognition guide

This guide will assist programme managers to develop a scheme that will improve the performance of your people, engage them and make best use of your available budget.

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Why you should run a centralised employee ideas scheme

  • Increases cost savings
  • Develops safety improvements
  • Improves the quality of service to internal and external customers
  • Promotes innovative product development
  • Involves employees in helping the organisation achieve it’s goals
  • Improves communication in the organisations
  • Improves staff loyalty and employee engagement


Employees are at the heart of every business, and those on the front line often see possible improvements that managers do not. And sometimes the smallest employee idea can make a significant difference to your business. By encouraging employees to submit useful ideas, your organisation will thrive.

Help me generate ideas from employees

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