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Buzz Employee Recognition SchemeE.ON is one of the UK’s leading power and gas companies. Their strategic aim is to deliver cleaner and better energy by offering innovative energy services and technologies tailored to meet customers’ needs.

Their customer’s are at the heart of the business, as seen through their vision:

“To become our customer’s trusted energy partner”

E.ON believed that this vision could only be achieved if all their people were part of the journey and knew how they contributed. This meant employees should:

  • Enjoy and be proud of working for E.ON
  • Believe in the direction and be engaged with the organisations’ goals
  • Be genuinely helpful people by living their values:

Acting fairly, Making things simple, Knowing our stuff, Doing the right things right, Doing what is expected and more.

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E.ON required a mechanism to help embed this vision. A range of initiatives were implemented, including a new recognition scheme, which was considered a key driver because of it’s self-perpetuating impact.

Buzz Recognition eCardsAccording to the Gallup Q12 Engagement Instrument, one of the ‘12 Elements of Great Employee Engagement’ is being recognised or praised for doing good work in the last 7 days. In fact, 85% of employees who feel meaningfully recognised will go that extra mile, and a simple thank you increases willingness to help again by 100%.

E.ON’s existing recognition scheme was relatively costly, the structure was hierarchical with many different levels. Relatively few people were recognised and it was time consuming to operate. It also tended to reflect what senior managers thought should be recognised and missed all those little things that contribute to a positive culture. The brief was to create a scheme that employees owned and drove themselves, which generated it’s own excitement.



‘Buzz’ was born! The hierarchical structure was swept away and replaced by a very simple online recognition platform. The new programme has just one recognition level: A thank you for a colleague or from a customer.

The ‘Buzz’ website enable employees to ‘buzz’ each other for all those times someone does something special for a colleague or a customer. Both individuals and teams can be recognised. for doing that little bit more, helping out and making a difference.

“I am loving being able to say “thank you” to colleagues and recognising even the smallest things they do that make a difference. Thanks for making this happen.”


Buzz Employee Recognition WebsiteIn 3 quick steps employees can search for their colleagues, align the activity to an E.ON value and send a thank you. These are delivered in the form of a personalised e-card for office based staff or printed cards for those out on the road.

To help kick start the programme and create that all important ‘buzz’ a Random Prize Draw takes place quarterly and annually. As it’s random, the prize is generally a small reward given as a token of appreciation. It’s simply about saying thank you and reinforcing that a ‘Buzz’ has a value in itself.

This is supported by a Roll of Honour and a ‘Who you’ve buzzed’ section within the online portal, which allow employees to see who they have buzzed or been buzzed by or search for colleagues to see how they have been recognised. This really helps to drive desired behaviours and build the E.ON culture based on its’ values, as well as being a great manager tool!



To date 87,424 thank yous have been sent…

… that’s someone at E.ON being thanked every 2 minutes for living their values.

76% of colleagues have received recognition and 53% have sent.

All key people engagement stats have increased by 8 – 18% in the past 12 months.

  • ‘I feel valued and recognised’ has increased by 13%.
  • ‘Understanding of the vision’ has increased by 18%.
  • NPS scores have increased by 11 points.

All with a 40% reduction in budget.


“Fantastic system – I love it! I find it really engaging for my team/colleagues and my team love the feedback from me, as well as other areas. Great work guys…consider yourselves Buzzed!”


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