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The UK may be facing another year of pay freezes and employment drought, as it was revealed that the UK unemployment rate has increased to 0.5% since 2011 and there are now a staggering 6 unemployed people to every job vacancy. Given the bleak outlook on our financial meltdown the government are committed to revitalising our workforces by boosting employee engagement, morale and motivation levels nationally!

After Prime Minister David Cameron commissioned the Engaging For Success report back in 2009, led by David Macleod and Nita Clarke, it seemed many employers wanted to receive more advice and guidance on how to tackle their employee engagement issues. In response Cameron gave his backing to a new independent Employee Engagement Task Force in March 2011. The Engaging For Success Task Force is made up of academics and leading practitioners within the field of employee engagement who are aiming to ensure that a range of practical opportunities are made available for organisations wanting to learn and develop their engagement strategies. Prime Minister David Cameron stated “This taskforce has my full support because I know that it will work to bring together two of my government’s top priorities – delivering sustainable growth across the UK, and coming up with new approaches to help people improve their wellbeing.”

The Engaging For Success Task Force comprises of various divisional groups, who collectively shape the direction of the Task Force movement. One division which feeds ideas and insights into the Task Force development is the Engaging For Success Guru Group. Of which our Executive Director of Motivation and HR, John Sylvester, is a keen member. After attending the 2012 Guru Group meeting earlier this year Sylvester stated…

“The Task Force is a great opportunity for many UK organisations to work cohesively in order to increase the awareness of employee engagement. Our invaluable experience in this field will be a great contributor in developing effective tools which will enable employers to enhance their ability to engage, motivate and retain their workforce. We are looking forward to supporting and sharing the progress and success of the Task Force throughout 2012.”

The impact and benefits of an engaged workforce are severely overlooked by many employers who view employee engagement as a ‘fluffy’ HR issue. Many stress that they have little time or resources to entertain such a subject however, the return on investment of effective employee motivation and engagement programmes far outweighs the time and money spent replacing unhappy and disengaged employees. The Task Force development aims to help strengthen and re-engage many UK businesses whose workforces have experienced a morale hammering as a result of the current financial climate. With the hopes of an Olympic legacy and revitalised patriotism with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, 2012 is set to be a ground breaking year for boosting the UK economy and profile.

The Task Force movement is due to report later this year with their recommendations for raising engagement levels in both public and private organisations. The Task Force are also looking to develop a website which includes a Managers’ Toolkit, complete with real life success stories and a step by step guide to increasing engagement levels.

The Engaging For Success initiative is hoping to build upon this year’s mega events in order to lift national  motivation levels and educate employers in how to build employee engagement strategies within the fabric of their business.


Sophia Tirelli

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