Gaining top-level support for employee engagement

employee engagement get top level buy-inIt’s that time of year when companies across the globe are undertaking their annual employee engagement survey to benchmark their employees’ level of engagement, loyalty and job satisfaction.

These engagement surveys should help the leadership team shape company culture and address employee issues. However, less than 2% of CEOs look at the survey results more than once, according to a survey of Inc. 5000 companies by Motivosity.

It seems that a lot of CEOs don’t understand the importance of company culture and engagement; instead, they simply delegate it to the HR department.


Employee engagement and company culture

Having employees that love to come to work and are brand ambassadors for your organisation doesn’t happen by magic. As any HR professional will tell you,  company culture and engagement is driven from the top down; this means that CEOs need to be able to define and disseminate their company culture to their workforce.

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In most companies engagement is low, according to research. A Gallup survey found that only 13% of the global workforce is “highly engaged.” And Deloitte research conducted with Glassdoor discovered that upwards of half the workforce would not recommend their employer to their peers.

Senior leaders have a major effect on employee engagement so it’s essential there is top-level support for it, and that means building a strong business case.

As part of making the business case, you need to assess the financial impact of employee engagement and calculate ROI. Our Employee Engagement Calculator uses published evidence within a practical tool to help organisations build a more concrete business case for engagement initiatives – and establish measures and targets to drive commercial success. The calculator will help you identify:

  • How much should you should spend on engagement initiatives
  • What measures and targets should be in place
  • What return you can expect?


Employee Engagement Calculator

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How to get top-level support for employee engagement

employee engagement surveyIf you need to convince your CEO and senior management team then here are my three top strategies for obtaining high-level support:


1. Give your CEO and senior management team clear and compelling proof

There is a large body of evidence demonstrating the need for organisations large and small to invest in employee engagement.

At P&MM, we have collated much of this evidence into one place with the aim of helping you justify to senior managers the need to invest in employee engagement initiatives and the bottom line benefits for your organisation.

By using this evidence you can relate employee engagement to bottom line outcomes such as job performance, customer satisfaction, productivity, recruitment and retention and financial returns.


2. Use real examples of companies that have been successful in employee engagement

Using real-life stories and results will help you convince top executives to implement employee engagement initiatives such as training, career progression plans, employee idea schemes, wellness programmes, flexible working and recognition.


3. Know what priorities your CEO and senior management team currently values

Find out what their priorities and challenges are and use this knowledge to guide you in what you need to present.


Download our whitepaper Employee engagement: the psychology behind individual behaviours

Employee engagement whitepaper

A practical guide to creating the right work environment and addressing individual needs in order to improve engagement amongst your employees.

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It’s clear that CEOs, senior management teams and HR professionals need to raise the profile of employee engagement and company culture from HR issues alone to core business strategies, and they need to invest time, effort and money into improving the levels of engagement within their workforce. But first things first, at least ensure that your CEO bothers to read and digest the annual employee engagement survey!


John Sylvester

John is responsible for the motivation division of p&mm ltd and a Director on the board of the IPM. Specialising in developing, implementing and directing many large scale staff motivation, recognition and employee communications programmes.
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