Guest blog: How motivational speakers can help your business flourish

motivational speakingWould you like to add a spark of inspiration to reignite the zeal and passion amongst your employees? If so, then a motivational speaker can do great job.

A motivational speaker doesn’t just deliver a great speech but they can lead a team to success, help an individual achieve a goal, and even turn a struggling business around. With benefits like these, it’s no surprise that many businesses have started hiring inspirational speakers to attend staff Christmas parties, annual conferences and top performer award events.

The growing popularity of motivational speakers is evident, with all sorts of groups, including educational institutes, community organisations, political parties, charities, corporates and many others booking big names. Motivational speakers are hired to speak to at all sorts of events, but when it comes to business many are hired for their ability to inspire employees or assist in the change management process.


Why should you consider hiring a motivational speaker?


1. Inspire your employees

If you have a demotivated employee it can affect not only the morale of their colleagues and jeopardise the productivity and the success of the whole team: demotivated employees cause disruption, as a result of which the team achieves less. An inspirational speaker will be able to use their story to inspire your employees and improve their performance.

Not only will an experienced speaker infuse your employees with energy and enthusiasm during the speech, but they should have the ability to generate self-motivation in the days, weeks and months following. By relating to your employees and their goals, your speaker can remind them of what they can achieve personally and for the organisation, and they can share the knowledge and skills they have learnt, so that your employees can implement similar solutions to achieve success in their goals. They can use their story to help unite your employees behind your business vision.


2. Generate fresh ideas

Businesses need innovation to thrive and survive: these fresh ideas lead to new products that generate additional income, or improve processes that can cut costs. Without the injection of such ideas it’s easy to fall prey to stagnant thinking, and a workforce that sticks to what they already know, and how they already do things. These days, business as usual can be a recipe for disaster.

Employees may not suggest new ideas because they are worried about the reception the idea will get, or they are afraid of failure. Motivational business speakers can help you overcome these issues, and encourage your employees to share their ideas and to make them a reality. Through their own story, they can demonstrate that sharing ideas can not only help the employee achieve their own personal career goals, but can help the business achieve its goals.


3. Share business skills and knowledge

Motivational Speakers

Most motivational business speakers have achieved a great deal in their lives, and have an interesting story to tell. These may not be directly business-related, but they should be able to directly relate their story to the challenges facing your business.

By doing so, they can help your employees deal with the challenges and situations that they may face in the future, by sharing how they dealt with their own challenges, and by offering insights and useful suggestions.


4. See a different perspective

Sometimes business owners and senior management can get too close to their product or service, and lose sight of the bigger picture: what does the business want to achieve, where is it going?

A business speaker can encourage your senior management team to take a step back and see things in a different light. This allows them to focus on the strategic planning, and what the business wants to achieve over the next five years, or even longer term. By doing so you will be able to capitalise on new opportunities and adapt to change.


The right motivational speaker for your business will not only entertain, but they will use their story to connect with your employees and inspire them. And by choosing the right speaker, and topic, you can boost your employees’ motivation, and drive every member of your team to succeed.


Guest publication contributed by Jonathan Curran author and founder of PROMOTIVATE Speakers Agency Europe. A leading provider of motivational business speakers across Europe. For further updates follow them on Google+.



  1. Carol Jenning says:

    I have an event to organise and want Motivation Speakers For Hire. This blog has been helpful. Thanks. Keep sharing.

  2. I have to agree with all of what you mentioned. Motivational speakers don’t just give speech, they inspire people to do better, as individuals, and to perform better as a part of a team. Thanks for sharing this post.

    “The right motivational speaker for your business will not only entertain, but they will use their story to connect with your employees and inspire them. And by choosing the right speaker, and topic, you can boost your employees’ motivation, and drive every member of your team to succeed.”

  3. Sandria Warne says:

    I am an event manager in my organization. I want our employees to be self motivated and after this article I am surely going to hire motivational speaker. I understood why it is important keep employees motivated as it fills in positivity within them. Loved your article. Keep Posting.

  4. Nice Post. Informative.


  5. Absolutely right. A motivational speaker can work wonders for your business in terms of motivating and inspiring your workforce to do better. The right speaker will establish a strong connect with the audience and influence them enough to drive a positive change. Here are 10 ways by which you can use a professional speaker to your advantage.

  6. I can definitely see the benefits of hiring a motivational speaker. I have seen a lot of people who go to work with no motivation or anything. However, like you said, a good speaker can really inspire employees to do their best, or even better!

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