Guest Post: 5 benefits your potential employees look for when job-seeking

job applicationWhen you begin the hunt for a new employee, the candidate in mind is highly skilled in their profession, has experience in their industry and is qualified – but how do go about attracting this person to your job advertisement?

Consider what it takes to retain and motivate your current high-calibre employees, they have certain expectations that must be fulfilled in order to keep their skills within your business. Your potential new employee has the same requirements.

This may sound like an HR and negotiation process nightmare, however, you can ensure that you are one-step ahead of the game by including your list of rewards and benefits within your job advertisement. This way everybody knows where they stand and you are immediately able to engage the relevant candidates.


5 popular benefits and rewards jobseekers look for

Make a strong impression on potential candidates with stellar benefits and rewards package; here are 5 much sought-after benefits candidates look for when job-seeking:


1. Free-onsite parking         

Parking can be extremely expensive and encourage many employees to opt for public transport rather than driving in order to reduce their costs, which can result in long and unappealing commutes.

Providing on-site parking is not always an option, particularly if you are in a city centre location, but should be offered where possible. Making the investment to provide free-car parking facilities to employees can be the distinguishing factor between your company and a competitor when vying for a highly sought-after candidate.


2. Up to 30 days holiday per year

Holiday days are a great way to appeal to candidates without costing the business a vast amount of money. Your employees are more likely to work efficiently throughout the year when they know their hard work will be rewarded with time off to spend with their loved ones.


3. Private dental care

Private dental packages can save your employees money and worry. A basic dental package will give your employees quick and convenient access to a local dentist, a range of maintenance, restorative and preventative treatments and emergency care.


4. A competitive pension scheme

The UK has an ageing population, and it is more evident than ever that the state provided pensions are insufficient for the long-term. In 2013, the retirement age was raised and HMRC began rolling out auto-enrolment, making it obligatory for businesses throughout the UK to make a contribution towards their employees’ pension funds, in order to help workers be better prepared for later life.

However, the required contribution is in some cases as little as 1%, which, for the majority of workers will amount to a very small sum. A competitive pension scheme is a very attractive attribute to any rewards package, as it provides job-seekers with some peace of mind for their future financial security and also reassures them that you are a business that looks after its employee’s interests.


5. Private health coverage for the whole family

It is not only important to maintain a happy and healthy workforce, but it is important to ensure that your employees feel like their needs are being met – this can be achieved through an affordable health care plan.

Providing company-wide medical insurance helps protect your business from a high absence rate and subsequent financial losses. Extending this to cover families or even offering a bespoke package to include life insurance benefits or similar, will relate to a prospective employee that you care about the well being of your workforce.


Appealing to top candidates

Your business can stand out amongst competitors with a stellar rewards package that will engage the interest of the high-calibre candidates you want to bring into your company. When vying for professionals at the top of their field, negotiations can be tricky as either side will have an ideal scenario in mind.

Setting a company-wide reward policy that fulfils a number of these 5 sought-after benefits will put your business in a strong position to attract the employees your business needs to grow.


Author Bio Danielle Middleton is a digital content writer for Chase Templeton, a leading UK provider of employee health insurance. Chase Templeton provides businesses with the expert guidance they need when planning the best value health insurance solutions to suit their budget and employee needs.


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