Health and Safety Awards

Health and Safety Managers can improve loss time injury and case incident rates, create a zero accident mindset, increase the logging of near miss incidents and encourage pro-active reporting of issues through greater recognition of employee contributions to workplace safety.

Engaging employees and site managers in health and safety through a recognition and rewards scheme promotes safe behaviours in the workplace using a single, universally understood platform.

Download our guide to health and safety recognition

Download our guide to Health and Safety Awards

Gain a more detailed understanding of how reward and recognition techniques can be utilised to build a safe working environment.
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How do our health and safety award schemes work?

With a centralised award scheme you can ensure that managers – who are at the forefront of health and safety initiatives – have the tools needed to inspire safe behaviours from their team. At the same time colleagues will have the ability to recognise one another for best practice and proactive thinking.
You could use any or all of the following techniques to incentivise health and safety reporting:

  • Paper based rewards and presentation materials.
  • A dedicated online portal for manager-led recognition.
  • Peer to peer recognition tools that give colleagues the ability to recognise each other without expensive rewards.

Health And Safety Awards

Rewards to suit employees and contractors – no matter what their location

Offering a suite of enticing rewards will improve engagement in your health and safety programme, but you needn’t spend a fortune. The focus of any such initiative should be on delivering public recognition and praise over expensive rewards.

For the rewards you do wish to offer, we have solutions that will appeal to employees and contractors alike, with options to suit different individual demographics and a variety of redemption techniques that will appeal to both office and field based employees alike. These include:

  • Voucher Cheques, which enable managers to make on-the-spot presentation of awards.
  • Points-based schemes – so that employees can redeem their points for gift cards, merchandise or prepaid cards.
  • Social recognition – delivered through a peer to peer recognition platform, with associated rewards and presentation certificates or cards if deemed suitable.

The devil is in the detail

  • Consider the impact your chosen rewards will have on employees.
  • Include sub-contractors as well as employees.
  • Consider using individual and team awards.
  • Decide on the most appropriate mechanism for your workforce.


Creating a safe work environment

It is true that we tend to live in a society of passing responsibility, but if everyone took an active role in ensuring the safety of their colleagues, then health and safety figures would paint a very different picture.

By creating a positive safety climate through recognition and reward, a zero accident mindset can be instilled into all employees.


Help me improve my workplace health and safety

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