News: Survey reveals 79% of employees don’t know where to log a Health and Safety concern

health safety at workP&MM has conducted a survey across 52 organisations between October and November 2015 into Health and Safety at Work suggests there is a significant gap between workplace policies and procedures and what staff actually know.

Participants were asked ‘Do you know where to log a Health and Safety concern at work?’ Worryingly the majority of participants 79% said they did not, with only 21% indicating they knew the correct procedures for their company. Perhaps an even greater cause for concern is that when participants were asked ‘Have you ever reported a Health and Safety concern at work?’ Over three quarters of participants (82%) stated they had not, with just 18% saying they had.


Health And Safety Survey Results


Employees lack basic Health and Safety knowledge in the workplace

These results indicate that Health and Safety managers need to try and do more to raise the profile of workplace safety. This can be done by making it more than just a tick in the box exercise by implementing a simple, but effective rewards and recognition scheme which encompasses safety best practice as a key element. Figures for Great Britain (2014/15) show that 611,000 injuries occurred at work – and this is costing UK employers an estimated £14.3 billion a year.

John Sylvester, Director of P&MM Motivation, agrees,

“Organisations need to recognise those individuals’ proactively addressing and reporting safety issues will help to reduce loss time injury rate. By creating a positive climate through recognition and reward, it is possible to instil a zero accident mindset in all employees and change long term behaviours and attitudes.”


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P&MM recently released an accompanying guide “How to encourage Health and Safety Best Practise in the Workplace” which can be downloaded free here >>


About the survey

The Health and Safety at Work Survey was conducted throughout October and November 2015 and was completed by 1,319 respondents employed by 52 organisations based in the UK, across a wide variety of industry sectors.


Find out more about using recognition to promote safety best practice >>




  1. 79%? That really is a shocking statistic isn’t it?. You can hear complaints about health and safety breaches when standing on any factory shop floor or office, so it’s particularly shocking that 82% of people have never reported a health and safety issue. An enlightening survey, lots to think about.

    Thank you!

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