How to modernise automotive sales incentives (SlideShare)

Despite what you might have been told, old school ‘carrot and stick’ incentives with cash as a motivator just don’t work anymore. The following presentation explores how to modernise sales incentives in an automotive environment. 

Measuring automotive success has become so much more than simply looking at sales figures achieved. In the age of employee engagement, factors such as customer satisfaction outcomes and compliance with regulatory bodies have become far more high profile. Rewarding sales people for high sales totals alone may even be counter-productive in this new world.

Automotive sales incentives for the 21st century

staff incentivesNowadays motivation has become more sophisticated. It pays to combine reward with recognition, not just for sales, but also customer service, living brand values, improving business processes or simply for going above and beyond.

There are many cost effective ways to integrate reward and recognition into your sales incentives.

Here are our 6 hot tips for getting started:


1) Use regular tactical incentives on top of ongoing year end targets.

Little and often rewards and recognition helps your employees to maintain momentum.


2) Set achievable goals for employees at all levels, not just your top performers.

Make sure you recognise all achievements, as employees who are continually overlooked are likely to become disengaged.


3) Personalise your messages and rewards to make them relevant and attainable to everyone.

Incremental stepped communication inspires engagement, so consider both monthly and yearly rewards for all tiers of employees.


Engagement Vs Motivation4) Use gamification to encourage participation.

Making sales targets and customer service fun, rather than just a ‘tick in the box’ element can go a long way to encouraging employees to join in.


5) Incorporate educational modules and quizzes.

This is a great way to improve product knowledge whilst giving you a reason to send out regular updates.

6) Recognise those who live your brand values every day.

These employees are highly engaged and motivated, and their experience and ideas can be invaluable to new hires and current employees alike.


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