Improve employee’s wellbeing… let them shop!

People love to shop and research suggests that not only is it an enjoyable pastime, it can actually have a positive effect on your mental and physical health. Health benefits spread far and wide, ranging from a heightened sense of happiness to exercise and social interaction. And this is backed up with scientific theory – shopping is associated with a part of the brain which is linked to pleasure and positive thinking ( – scientific proof of the benefits of shopping! The average woman walks 150 miles per year through shopping alone (, and because of this physical activity combined with the social interaction achieved through shopping, it promotes physical and psychological well being.
So, what better way to motivate your employees than with an incentive which can improve their health? Reloadable debit cards are one such option. They can be used in a huge array of retail outlets, meaning employees can choose where to shop for their reward. The very act of spending said reward could be improving their health, as well as it being redeemed on something you know your employees will appreciate. Incentivise your employees and be rewarded with a happy and healthy workforce!

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