Infographic: Lunchtime Ideas to Motivate Employees in the Workplace

Think lunchtimes are just for eating? Think again! Lunchtimes are also a great opportunity to motivate your employees. Encourage your people to get out and about exercising, or help them de-stress by giving a fun challenge to solve, or a new skill to learn. All great ways to stimulate staff, and keep them engaged for the rest of the day.

One in five employees actually work through their lunch and half who of those who do take a break eat lunch at their desk. Clearly more needs to be done to help your teams get some down time in their day. Schemes like Workout@Work! – which runs from now until the end of July – have great resources to help you out.

Our infographic looks at the many ways you can motivate employees on their lunch break, whether it’s getting some fresh air, painting a masterpiece, or having a good read.

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