Infographic: The role of video in employee communications

Video employee communicationsInternal communications specialists surveyed by HGA Creative believe that video is excellent for communicating with employees, but few are measuring the tool’s effectiveness or ROI.

‘The Role of Video in Employee Communications,” focuses on how HR, marketing and internal communications professionals are utilising video to communicate ideas, company values and information to their employees.

The Role Of Video


 “Companies clearly see the value of using video to reach out to their employees, but there seems to be a lack of understanding about how to collect employee feedback efficiently.” commented Dan Laurence, Director of Film & Video at HGA Creative.


About the survey

HGA Creative researched how UK companies use video to communicate with their employees. In response to the popularity of video and social media platforms like YouTube and VIMEO, the company surveyed internal communications professionals at businesses across the UK about whether they used this technology to communicate with their employees, how this video is being used, and whether it is an effective tool for engaging with employees.

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