Infographic: Why is employee recognition vital to business success?

Being appreciated for a job well done is one of the defining factors in retaining talent, yet many businesses fail to realise the importance of having a formal employee recognition scheme for their organisation. Recognition aids engagement and engaged employees are both productive and loyal.

We’ve scoured the web to pull together facts and stats that support the case for an employee recognition programme and put them into the infographic below:

Recognition Infographic



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John Sylvester

John is responsible for the motivation division of p&mm ltd and a Director on the board of the IPM. Specialising in developing, implementing and directing many large scale staff motivation, recognition and employee communications programmes.

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  1. Lilith McGrath says:

    I fully agree with employee recognition which is sadly lacking in the majority of cases. Employees that feel appreciated are motivated to continue working to their full potential and are happy in their work. Happy staff make a happy workforce.

  2. I agree that happy make happy workforce

  3. Employer should reward good performance

  4. Good performers should be recognised

  5. Good performers should be rewarded

  6. Auphia says:

    Indeed, good performance should be recognised and be rewarded as such, same with poor performance , it should not be ignored, it should be identified and dealt with accordingly, as simple ignorance spread approval impression and slowly demoralise the good performer, especially if recognition of such was not done properly.

  7. Cedrick Mahuza says:

    It is always encouraging to know that your extra effort is being recognised and motivate you to work even harder.

  8. great perfomerance should be recgonised it makes one want to work harder

  9. Agreed that good work must get recognises and motivated.

  10. Judith Hlope says:

    I believe that only good perfomance with quality should be rewarded not that officials are rewarded because of management favouritism,gossip others or rotation to receive merit realy it should not be like that. Other manangers don’t care about how is your perfomance once you speak your mind as a surbordinate they pay revenge by scoring you low on your performance even if you produce proof they will demand extra proof that was not there when signing performance agreement and with that they know that you are done there is nothing you can do about it.
    Fairness all the time motivate workers.

  11. True that,employees must be commended for their work well done,they can also be innovative too,regardless their educational qualifications are higher or not.

  12. if the employees are they perform better and work hard.

  13. it is sad to work harder and not being recognised by some managers-pull down syndrome. even if you have disagreements with them they carry grudges against you.not only does management need to learn how to manage but to be considered to their sub ordinates as well.not to manage a person but the work

  14. commitment,dedication and hardwork pays regardless of higher education with job knowledge and experience

  15. The performance rewarding sytstem is not the true sence of performance and is also not well structured; in the sence that Business units are requested to reward employees that performed above …. within certain margins of budget or percentage. What happens if you have more employees and they all performed above the given percentage?

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