Marketers Feeling Stuck in a Rut?

Marketing Managers and Executives across the country are no doubt feeling the strain imposed upon them by the current economic crisis. With marketing being one of the largest areas of discretionary spend within an organisation budgets – and even jobs – are being cut in an effort to slash overheads. In the meantime your marketing team may well be stagnating in their role, but what are you doing to motivate them?


I recognise that often marketers are criticised for not staying in a job for more than 18 months at a time, but with much uncertainty within the recruitment market many won’t want to risk moving on and facing a ‘last one in, first one out’ scenario in a few months time. Talented marketers are a valuable commodity for your business, so you’ll need to keep their spirits high despite increased workloads and a reduced pot with which to deliver results. Now is the time you need your marketing team at their most creative!


My top 5 tips to keep staff motivated are:

  • Be absolutely clear about what each individual is expected to achieve.

  • Be clear why they need to do it. Staff are much more likely to be proactive if they can see the impact of their work.

  • Explain exactly how they are expected to achieve these goals.

  • Give staff added incentives. People instinctively ask ‘What’s in it for me?’ There is a view that the strongest incentive is staving off the P45, but that is often not enough.

  • Implement a good feedback and performance monitoring system.

Remember, these employees will be under a great deal of pressure to generate new leads in a time when the majority of UK organisations are cutting back. Companies are bringing design and other agency work in-house, thus increasing the size of your marketers ‘to do’ list. Without clear direction and engagement with your products, services and brand why should they go the extra mile?



Feel as though you could do this in house?


Well before you burden some poor unsuspecting soul with a company motivation scheme consider the pros and cons to using a specialist agency…


Pros, an agency should have the following:

  • Thorough knowledge & experience of these schemes

  • Specific expertise & direction

  • Service levels assured & a focus on the corporate objectives at all times (if they’re worth their salt

  • Prompt & timely delivery of projects

  • Evidence that such activity has a profitable impact

  • Cost efficient off-the-shelf solutions

  • Access to wide range of reward options

  • Buying power, e.g. gift vouchers, travel & event management, etc

  • The ability to deliver value for money (‘added value’)

  • Dedicated resources with no risk of difficulty caused by staff turnover



  • There is often greater investment needed  than keeping it in-house

  • Effort needed at the outset to ingrain agency staff in the company culture

  • An extra ‘link’ in the communication chain



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