Motivating Lower Paid Staff – Keeping the cogs turning

While incentives for sales staff are no doubt an invaluable method of maximising revenue, it cannot be ignored that certain elements of a workforce will be performing tasks that, while not directly generating profits, are still essential for keeping the cogs of an organisation turning. It is these employees, unfortunately, whose efforts can often be overlooked but without whom a business simply wouldn’t function effectively.

Rewarding top performers generously is one thing, but a motivation strategy should never alienate other elements of a workforce. This will only contribute towards a negative working culture. To counter this, a motivation programme needs to be designed so that all staff are eligible to receive a level of incentive reward as a mark of thanks for their contributions across all facets of an organisation.

Finding incentives that can appeal to all members of staff is often a challenge. Branded debit cards, however, have proven to be extremely popular mechanism for delivering motivational incentives to an entire workforce at once.

Cards such as Spree-Flex from P&MM offer exclusive opportunities for staff to enjoy valuable savings at leading retailers, leisure outlets and service suppliers that are only available by using the ‘branded cash card’ provided by the employer. These types of benefits are especially appealing to lower-paid workers as they can earn savings from things such as grocery shopping and other essential purchases.

Branded cards work well because of the simplicity and flexibility that a payment card offers. Most people are now well disposed to using cards to make payments. Spree-Flex cards are accepted anywhere linked to VISA or MasterCard, which is in well-over 20 million outlets worldwide, making them universally user-friendly.

Branded cards can be loaded with funds appropriate to the level of reward for different employees. Providing a re-loadable, branded card with the company’s name and logo also ensures that the recipient is regularly reminded how they earned the money and who is rewarding them.

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