New year, improved team through better use of technology

Manager employee relationshipTraditionally the start of the year is the time when managers and HR professionals review their teams and their abilities to perform the tasks needed to deliver organisational goals for the year ahead.

For organisations to be successful they need to address a number of key areas: employee diversity, employee engagement, and employee collaboration. They need to consider whether they are being innovative enough in each of these three areas, and are they using new HR technologies and data to develop these areas.

Managers and HR professionals need to ensure that they not only use technology to improve the motivation and performance of employees but that they also understand the capabilities of the technology to make the best use of it.


Employee diversity

Diversity in your workforce is crucial for your organisation’s ability to adapt and succeed. Having a diverse workforce enables you to be more innovative, share knowledge, better understand your customer needs and recruit top talent.

Having a diverse workforce isn’t an HR programme alone, it needs to be a cultural movement. You need to value people’s differences and an employee benefits programme can help you do this.

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Technology enables you to customise your employee benefits offering to your staff and provide them a wide range of choice so that they can select the benefits that best suit their lifestyle; whether it’s pre-paid cash back cards that help them budget, salary sacrifice schemes then help them get the latest laptop or buying more annual leave.

Advances in the employee benefits market also mean that you’re no longer limited to an annual sign up either. HR professionals can reduce the time they spend on admin by allowing employees to ‘self-serve’, this means they can change their benefits at any time to suit changes in their lifestyle without causing a major headache for those administering the scheme.



Employee engagement

Inspiring staff and increasing their contribution to your company’s activities is a major challenge for managers and HR professionals. Having engaged staff who ‘go the extra mile’ means that you’ll have higher staff retention levels, improved productivity and employees who will live and communicate your brand values.

With over 70% of The Sunday Times Top 100 Employers investing in reward and recognition programmes, it’s clear to see that these initiatives are fundamental to achieving an engaged workforce.

Gamification helps you enhance existing reward and recognition programmes by applying proven motivational techniques that encourage interaction with customers, employees and partners. It makes the hard stuff fun by introducing game mechanics to encourage certain behaviours.


Download our guide: ‘Using gamification in reward and recognition to improve employee engagement’ >>




Employee collaboration

Building trust and collaboration between employees is a major theme for businesses today. People thrive in team-orientated workforces that allow them to collaborate, and this results in improved job satisfaction and customer service. However, creating a team-orientated workforce can be a challenge.

Implementing a peer to peer recognition programme that is tied to company values and team goals is a great way to foster teamwork and collaboration, and build trust amongst employees.

Technology, such as online recognition platforms, allows employees to immediately nominate their colleagues for an award or send a thank you eCard. Social media also allows instant recognition and enables the recognition to be shared with many people on the spot. And going mobile with your recognition allows employees to nominate, thank and congratulate each other anytime, and from anywhere.

Managers and HR professionals can also use the data from peer to peer recognition programmes. It provides real-time feedback of employees’ performance in relation to company values and team goals, which can then be, used in feedback sessions and performance management reviews.

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Improving the effectiveness of an organisation doesn’t just rely on improving processes and developing new strategies, it needs good people. Without them, organisations won’t have the capabilities or the creativity to improve processes or develop new strategies. Social media techniques, mobile applications and other technological advances are valuable tools and when used in the right way, can have an enormous impact on your employees and your business.

So here’s to 2016, and your continued success!


John Sylvester

John is responsible for the motivation division of p&mm ltd and a Director on the board of the IPM. Specialising in developing, implementing and directing many large scale staff motivation, recognition and employee communications programmes.
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