News: NHS staff earn £500,000 in cashback savings using p&mm prepaid solution

NHS Black CardThousands of NHS employees across the UK have received a boost to their household budget by earning more than £500,000 in cashback savings since the launch of the PScashback Black MasterCard®.

They have earned this by shopping at well known high street retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and online providers and paying with the prepaid card, which is available to employees and their partners as an exclusive benefit of working for their local NHS Trust.

More than 26,000 NHS colleagues have registered for the PScashback Black MasterCard since its launch in 2011, proving it to be an outstanding success. At just £2.99 each, cardholders have quickly recouped the initial outlay, with unlimited cashback savings of 3%-5% available in many high street stores. NHS staff are able to earn hundreds of pounds each year, simply by using the card to make purchases on everyday shopping they would have made anyway.

John Sylvester, executive director of p&mm motivation, which created the card in partnership with VAC Media, comments:

“During a time of rising bills and a lack of pay increases, many people are seeking innovative approaches to money management, with a view to generating cost savings wherever possible. As a result it is clear why this card is so popular with NHS Trusts who are keen to help staff increase their disposable income significantly over the year, at very little cost. It is valuable and effective as a tool to improve staff retention, loyalty and morale at a key time.”

Based on p&mm’s innovative Spree card platform, this fantastic employee benefit tool can be used to earn staff cashback savings online or in-store at over 35 leading retailers such as Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Debenhams, M&S and Argos.

Spree Retailers

Regular top ups are transferred from a cardholder’s bank account and any eligible cashback savings are credited to their card every time it is loaded.

The card, which is available to all NHS employees once their trusts have registered for the scheme, operates on MasterCard prepaid technology, so it can be used at 32 million outlets worldwide (wherever the MasterCard logo is seen). The affordability of this benefit has proven extremely attractive to NHS employers, and to date over 450 NHS Trusts have signed up for the scheme.

NHS employees can register for their card at

Or to find out more about Spree prepaid card technology used to run this scheme please visit

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