News: P&MM named Voluntary Benefits Provider of the Year

WSB Award WinnerP&MM has been awarded the title of Voluntary Benefits Provider of the Year at the inaugural Workplace Savings and Benefits Awards, which took place at a gala dinner at The Royal Gardens Hotel last week.

P&MM were presented the award in recognition of the work conducted over the past 12 months to make off-the-shelf voluntary benefits products more accessible to small and medium sized businesses.

P&MM has recently introduced two new ‘brands’ to its portfolio:

  • The Essentials Range – a newly packaged off-the-shelf range of voluntary benefits incorporating employee discounts, salary sacrifice and health & wellbeing solutions.
  • MySpree – a new version of our Spree card featuring dramatically reduced employer set-up costs.

Award acceptance

Pictured left:

James Malia, MD of P&MM Employee Benefits and John Sylvester, Executive Director at P&MM accepting the award from comedian Dominic Holland.



Keeping benefits affordable

For smaller employers getting access to the premium solutions available in the voluntary benefit market has traditionally been more restrictive than for larger organisations. So we set to work developing a scalable off-the-shelf voluntary benefit solutions that enable smaller businesses to benefit fully from the range of products that have previously been widely used by large organisations.

P&MM have removed prohibitive set-up and per head costs whilst delivering integrated off-the-shelf solutions. In short, we can now ensure that employees in smaller businesses can access exactly the same benefit solutions that are already being enjoyed by employees in larger organisations.

John Sylvester, Director at P&MM commented:

“Receiving an accolade such as this is testament to the hard work that has been undertaken by our team over the past twelve months. We continually strive to deliver money saving benefits that are ideally suited to the needs of employees and employers alike. Employees need to be able to stretch their salary further to counteract the rising cost of living and benefits such as these are the ideal way to do so. We believe that the added value voluntary benefits provide should not be exclusive to only larger organisations and so we now take great pride in opening up the market to smaller employers as well.”


Our new Voluntary Benefits Solutions:

The Essentials Range

The Essentials Range was created as four engaging and easy-to-run packages of voluntary benefits, incorporating; employee discounts, salary sacrifice schemes, health & wellbeing services and other employee friendly benefits.

This is all available at a minimal cost per employee per month (with a monthly payment structure also available) and the Exclusive Essentials product has been designed to be delivered on a cost neutral basis by using NI savings from the salary sacrifice schemes to cover the overall package costs.


MySpree Card

The introduction of MySpree in early 2013 saw a new version of our prepaid card solution which dramatically reduces the employer set-up costs – making the card more accessible to smaller organisations.

MySpreeCardVisualA new one-off scheme set-up cost of just £750 for MySpree means that smaller employers are able to introduce a captivating new voluntary benefit which gives their employees access to unlimited cashback (3% to 5%) on every day shopping at leading supermarkets and high street stores.

We also created a new communication suite to promote MySpree to employees. Communication is sent in the first 3 months of employees receiving their card to ensure maximum engagement and usage, including a welcome pack (benefit reminders, retail partners, how to use/earn cashback); card activation prompts; spend reminders; and special offers. We even tested recipients of the welcome pack communications against a 10% control cell and results were dramatic – those who received the welcome communications:

  • Earned 30% more cashback
  • Spent 23% more overall
  • Spent 8% more on each transaction


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